How to Take Care of Constant Bad Breath Even after Brushing Teeth

Bad breath or halitosis is a common problem and is simply because of poor or unhygienic dental care. Bad breath is often associated with dirty mouth wherein bacterial plague constantly accumulates on the teeth and mouth. Lodged food particles in between the teeth if not removed can decay and give away stinky mouth smell. Some bad breath can be treated with regular brushing and cleaning of the mouth. However, there are some individuals who suffer from chronic or constant bad breath even after brushing teeth.

This kind of constant bad breath may be due to some undiagnosed gum diseases or may be due to some underlying health conditions. Sometimes bad breath may be because of broken tooth that traps food debris or due to tooth decay. To fix bad breath it is important to know what is causing it.

What causes constant bad breath even after brushing teeth?

  • Dental caries: If one is having a continuous bad breath even after brushing teeth or flossing regularly, it can be due to bacterial cavity. Check for any cavity in the teeth. Cavities can inflamed the gums and emit bad breath.
  • Broken tooth: Broken tooth and dental fillings can lock in food particles in the teeth. These portions of food from between the teeth cannot be removed by brushing teeth. One needs to pick the tooth to remove lumps of food or floss forcefully to let it out form the teeth. Clogged food chunks in between the teeth can rot away emitting stinky smell.
  • Medical conditions: If you are suffering from regular chronic bad breath it can be due to some underlying ailments too. Medical disorders such as diabetes, chronic respiratory and sinus infections, chronic bronchitis and gastrointestinal problems can cause constant bad breath that will not go away even after brushing teeth.
  • Medications: Certain drugs and medications can also cause constant bad breath in some individuals. Check on your drugs. Some medications can make a mouth dry and deprive saliva from the mouth. Dry mouth is the main cause of bad breath.
  • Stress: Psychological factor such as stress can cause drying of the mouth. Dried or hydrated mouth can harbor more bacteria in the mouth resulting in bad breath. If you are stressing yourself too much then learn to manage your stress. Stress increases the production of sulfur compounds inside the mouth. One who practices a good oral hygiene like brushing teeth daily can also be affected by stress induced bad breath.
  • Tobacco and alcohol: Smoking tobacco increases bad breath. Alcohol consumption also contributes to bad breath. If you are a heavy smoker or drinker then this might be the cause of constant bad breath even after brushing teeth.

Tips to treat constant bad breath-

  • Brushing tongue as well as teeth at least twice a day daily using natural breath freshening pastes. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride. It can help you to keep away tooth decay causing bad breath.
  • Use antimicrobial mouth washes to rinse your mouth. Cosmetic mouth washes will only mask away bad breath for some time.
  • Don’t allow your mouth to get dry. Consume more fluids and liquids.
  • Eat fruits (avocados) and vegetables (parsley) more that helps to fight smelly breath.
  • Treat any underlying health problems that are causing you a constant bad breath even after brushing teeth.

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