Key Points in Understanding How to Eliminate Bad Breath

It is very important to know how to eliminate bad breath because bad breaths have a tendency to ruin relationships.  Halitosis or bad breath is a put off in any situation. The worse part of having bad breath is you won’t know that you are having it! People generally who are not very close to you would never tell you that you have got a bad breath.  Bad breaths could be very embarrassing, for this reason it is very important to know, how to eliminate bad breath.

At some point in time, people tend to have bad breath.  Mostly each one of us has it when we get up from the bed.  The best way to determine whether you are having bad breath or not, is by asking your partner or your friend about the same. Bad breath is usually caused by the volatile sulfur compounds, which causes bad breath.

The following are few causes of bad breath:

¥  Bacteria (build up happens in the tongue) – The bad breath is caused by build of bacteria on the back of a tongue. These can be removed from under the layers.  Bacteria help break down some required proteins from the mouth. When there is lot of sulfur inside from the back of the mouth and throat, in a routine do gargling of the mouth.

¥  Cavities or gum disease – The cavities or the gum diseases also cause bad breath in the mouth.  It is quite foul smell that these produce.  It is better to do away with this by using mouth washes,

¥  Tonsils – These are also another cause of bad breath.  As the tonsils have an ability to hold a mass of bacteria.  However, this foul smell by the tonsils would not go by just cleaning.  It is easy to obliterate the tonsils bacteria.

¥  Trapped food particles – Another major source of bad breath are the trapped food particles in the mouth.  When you do not brush your teeth properly, or else rinse your mouth properly after having some food item, you tend to get foul smell in your mouth.  It is quite annoying (the trapped food along with the bad breath).  Therefore to avoid building up bad breath in your mouth, rinse your mouth with water always.

¥  Splintered fillings – The tooth filling which have become broken would also give you some foul smell.  Therefore, see your dentist immediately get it fixed so that you are not put off by the people around you for bad breath.

Other causes which lead to bad breath are:

¥  Un-clean dentures

¥  Smoking

¥  illness

It is very easy to find answers for the question of how to eliminate bad breath, all you need to do is to take some very good care of your oral hygiene. Some important points which necessarily needs to be taken care of to eliminate bad breath are:

¥  Maintain a fine oral hygiene

¥  Visit your dentist regularly.

¥  If possible brush your teeth after every meal

¥  Or else, just rinse your mouth thoroughly after having any food item

If you avoid food which causes bad breath, you will eventually get your answer for the question of how to eliminate bad breath.  The food items which cause bad breath are:

@ Onions

@ Garlic

@ Fish

@ Coffee

@ Alcohol

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