Reasons for Bad Breath in Children

Bad Breath Affects Children Too!

Most of the children are affected by dental caries than any other contagious diseases. Dental problems cause toothache in children while chewing, speaking and playing. Some of the common oral problems in children are, tooth sensitivity, gum disease, teething and bad breath. However, these dental conditions are treatable in children.

One of the oral health problems which are mentioned above is bad breath. So, let’s find out the main reasons for bad breath in children.

Reasons for Bad Breath in Children:

  • Poor oral hygiene:  Poor oral hygiene is one of the common reasons for bad breath in children. Children who do not brush their teeth every day causes bad breath. Irregularity in brushing and flossing will allow the food particles to get between the teeth. The bacteria start feeding on this food. Then, the food particles get attached in the crevices (tonsils) of those children who don’t brush regularly and leads to bad breath.
  • Mouth breathing:  Mouth breathing is also known as dry mouth. Mouth breathing is a process, under which children inhale and exhale through their mouth. This type of breathing usually happens while sleeping. During the day time, saliva eliminates all the bacteria from the mouth which causes bad breath. In the night, most children breathe in and out from their mouth and this process dries up saliva and the mouth becomes dry. This leads to bad breath in night and morning as well.  Children who have a habit of thumb sucking also suffer from mouth breathing problem.
  • Tooth decay and gum disease: Tooth decay and gum disease produces bacteria in the mouth which causes bad breath in children.
  • Acid flux: Acid flux is known as heart burn. In this condition, the stomach acid goes upwards to the esophagus and causes a bad breath in children. Acid flux mainly affects the infants.
  • Allergies: Some seasonal allergies can be one of the reasons for bad breath in children.  Allergies release mucus and they are accumulated at the back of a child’s tongue which is termed as postnasal drip.  Mucus protects bacteria with its blanket like cover and so, it leads to bad breath in children.
  • Nasal blockage: Most of the time children intend to shove stuffs such as, corn, pea and lima bean inside their nose. This type of foreign body can block the nasal passage and cause infection in the nose. In this condition, a decayed smell comes out from their nose and mouth.

Remedies for Bad Breath in Children:

  • Oral hygiene:  Maintaining a proper oral hygiene of a child is the best treatment for bad breath. Brushing twice a day will prevent the formation of plaque and eliminate bacteria from the mouth. Teach your children to floss once a day and scraping their tongue clean. Teenagers can opt in chewing sugar free gums after every meal. The gum will help in stimulating more saliva which prevents dry mouth and bad breath. Children must apply toothpaste which contains baking soda and fluoride.  This type of toothpaste will help in preventing bad breath by making the tooth enamel more strong.
  • Dietary changes:  Some diet can also cause bad breath in children. Carbohydrates, white bread and sugary food help in the formation of plaque in the mouth. A child should consume fruits, whole grains, berries, sugarless yogurt and vegetables to prevent bad breath. There are other foods also which helps in controlling bad breath such as: mint, apples, carrots, pears and cinnamon.

Medical professional: Children who are suffering from severe infection of sinus, tonsil or mouth sores can suffer from bad breath. For such conditions, the best will be consulting the medical professional.

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