The Main Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breathe is also known as halitosis. This can be an embarrassing problem especially when you wanted to whisper something to your friend’s ear or trying to give that sweet kiss to your loved one. Bad breathe is caused by a number of reasons such as diet, dry mouth, use of tobacco products or due to some health problems.

Even unhealthy oral habits, diseases like diabetes, gum diseases etc can also cause a bad breathe. Other than that there are several causes for a bad breathe.

So what causes this bad breathe?

Bad breathe is caused by a type of odor-producing bacteria. Regular brushing and flushing is therefore recommended after food or else bacteria tend to gather on the pieces of food that is left in the mouth and amid the teeth. These bacteria grow on the food substances broken down by the saliva, multiplies at night (salivary glands are low at night) and results in morning bad breathe. During their growth they releases sulfur compounds and this makes your breathe smell bad.

Let us find out the common causes for a bad breathe-

Medications: Saliva acts as a moisturizer in the mouth. It helps to flush away bacteria from the mouth. Drying of the mouth is caused by certain medications such as aspirins, diuretics and antidepressants. This condition is known as xerostomia. Saliva is a natural mouthwash that helps us to get rid of the bacteria. When there is less production of saliva, bacteria accumulates largely and this results in a bad smell. At night saliva production is less, so the bacterial activity increases resulting in a stinky morning mouth smell.

Bacteria: Most of the bad breathe is caused due to the accumulation of the odor-producing bacteria. They grow and multiplies inside the mouth and tongue as a result of the remains of the food particles. They produce sulfur compounds in the process and can cause several gum diseases.

Medical disorders: Individuals with some underlying medical issues can produce badly smell breathes. Respiratory infections, diabetes, liver ailments, chronic sinusitis and bronchitis, throat, tonsil infections, any gastrointestinal disorders and kidney diseases can render an individual to produce stinky, fishy or fruity chronic bad breathe.

Diet: Foods such as onions and garlic contains oils and odor-causing sulfur compound which is known to cause badly breathe. Consumption of dairy and high protein foods (cheeses, fish) usually produces amino- acids which are the good source of nutrients for the bacteria. Beverages such as coffee or tea are also known bad breathe causes. A low carbohydrate foods produces ketone smelling unpleasant breathes.

Alcohol: Consumption or drinking of alcohol also causes bad breathe.  This is because alcohol dries up the mouth and thus production of saliva is reduced.

Dry mouth: This is the main bad breathe causes. Decreased production of saliva can result in bad smelly breathe. It is caused by Xerostomia, medications, mouth breathing or due to some problems in the salivary ducts.

Dentures: Person with dentures or braces often has bad mouth smell. This is due to the food particles that stick to the appliances. Improper cleaning can render bad smelly breathe.

Use of tobacco products: Tobacco causes irritation of the gums and gum diseases. Heavy smoker loss their sensitive taste buds and it also results in the yellowing of the teeth.

Skipping breakfast:  Having a good deal of breakfast helps to stimulate the production of the saliva. Chewing of the food helps to excrete saliva which in turn scrubs the accumulated bacteria from the tongue.

Mouth breathing: Breathing through the mouth while sleeping such as snoring, asthma etc can dry up the mouth and increases badly breathe.




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