What are some good home remedies for bad breath?

Getting rid of a bad breathe is simple. You need to follow few simple healthy habits to fix the bad breathe problem.


  • Spices: Try to carry natural, herbal herbs or spices with you to chew after meals. Herbs such as fennel seeds, cloves and anise seeds enhance well breathe.
  • Always carry a toothbrush: Most of the bad breath can be removed temporarily or permanently through brushing. The bad odor is caused because of the food particles left in your mouth and in between the teeth. So it is important that you brush your teeth after every meal. Brushing twice a day daily can keep the plague and bacteria away from your teeth. Brush every morning and once before going to bed at night. It will help you to get rid of bad breath.
  • Floss it away: Bad breathe can be prevented by flossing. Even though brushing keeps away bacteria and plague from the mouth, it is not effective enough to clean some teeth areas. Therefore, flossing is an ideal option. Floss your mouth with a dental floss this will lessen the load of bacteria inside your mouth and thus prevent bad breath.
  • Gargle your mouth:  It is one of the great bad breath remedies. You can make your own home mouth wash for gargling. Extracts of herb such as sage, myrrh gum and calendula can be made in equal amounts. This mixture can be then used to gargle 4 times in a day. You can use salt water for your mouth wash too. This natural mouth wash not only help you to get rid of bad breath but also reduces bacteria in the mouth.
  • Say no odorous food items: Certain foods and spices cause a bad breath. One of the bad breath remedies is to choose wisely on your foods. Some foods such as low carbohydrate foods, high protein containing foods, dairy products, vegetables like onions, garlic and hot peppers produces oils and pungent smells. These foods can cause a very bad breath.
  • Rinsing: If you not able to brush your teeth, then take a mouthful of water and rinse away the smell of the food. Rinsing your mouth after meals should be done.
  • Chew a gum: Chewing gum or mints can be helpful in reducing bad breath for a short time. When you chew a gum, it stimulates the production of saliva. This means more amount of saliva in your mouth – lesser bacteria. Sugarless gum that is sweetened – xylitol helps to salivate and prevent the replication of bacteria. This improves mouth breath.
  • Don’t ignore your tongue: Most of us usually ignore to clean the tongue. The tongue is coated with filaments like tiny projections. This filament traps food debris and bacteria and can haven plague too. This can cause bad breath. Therefore, don’t ignore to clean your tongue with a toothbrush or with a tongue cleaner. You can also use mouth guards and oral cleaning devices to clean your tongue.
  • Shun some beverages and drinks: Drinks such as coffee and alcohols like beer, whisky, wine and rum should be ban because these beverages leaves a scum that can possibly attach to your mouth infection or diseases. This can affect your digestive tract.
  • Water and lots of water: Water is the best natural drink you can have anytime, anywhere. Consume lots of water at least a minimum of 6-8 glasses every day. It helps you to rehydrate your body and at the same time helps to eliminate and flush out bacteria from your body and decrease the number of bacteria in your mouth.

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