How Much Do Braces Cost?

Being told that your kid needs braces can often be the beginning of a number of dental visits and bills. With the average treatment lasting 20 months or so, it makes sense to learn about the cost of braces for your child’s teeth. Braces are not just a cosmetic addition to your child’s smile, they are often essential. Crooked teeth or haphazardly growing teeth can often result in a difficulty in maintenance. Flossing and brushing teeth becomes a problem leading to deterioration of teeth over time. Improperly set teeth can also result in damage to teeth due to wear and tear.

Dental braces generally start with a price range of about $5000. Of course, the cost varies greatly from dentist to dentist and even from patient to patient. If you have been advised to get dental braces, it makes more sense to get them as soon as possible as a child’s teeth are easier to align than an adult’s. The materials used are lesser and they have to be worn for a shorter duration. Another factor that greatly effects how much your braces will cost you is where you get them. On an average, the suburbs are $200 cheaper than urban areas. There is quite a large difference from one country to another. Costs can also vary differently from state to state. For example, you can get braces in Arizona for as little as $3700 while it will cost you around $5500 in Chicago.

The cost of braces also depends on who is doing it for you. The cheapest place to get braces would be at a medical school by residents under the eye of an orthodontist. A dentist can charge you about $5000 while an orthodontist with some experience can charge almost as much as $5600.

Yet another factor that effects the cost of getting braces is the kind of braces itself. Metal braces are generally the cheapest option there is. Ceramic braces can cost about $200 more than metallic ones. Colored and transparent braces, of course, cost more. Transparent braces are made of a mono-crystalline sapphire that make them almost inconspicuous.

Factors that you need to look into before you get a dental procedure done include:

a) Severity and urgency of the problem.

b) The estimated duration of the treatment.

c) Where and by whom you are planning to get the procedure done.

It is always advisable to visit at least 3 different dentists as this will give you a good idea of how much you can expect to shell out for your braces.

Some dentists give you the option of paying them in interest-free installments over the course of the treatment therefore making it more affordable. It is advisable to ask for the terms of the service beforehand so as to avoid paying a hefty interest later. Some dentists also offer a discount if you are able to make the payment upfront. This is possibly the best option and it makes sense to chose it if you are able to afford it.

All in all, the cost of dental braces can range from anywhere around $5,000 to $10,000 depending on various factors. One thing is for certain though; you will come out of the procedure all-smiles.

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