How much do Braces Cost for Adults?

It is difficult to estimate the exact braces costs for adults. The costs can differ greatly from one person to another depending on various factors involved. Costs can also vary with regions or countries and depending on the complexity or degree of the procedure. Furthermore, adult braces are much more expensive than children braces. Since adults need more time to adapt to changes, the time duration for the treatment is also longer compared to children.

Some of the factors that determines the braces cost for adults include the following-

  • Dental insurance plans: If one has insurance plans that cover the dental procedures then one can expect their costs for braces a little lesser. Initial consultations, visits and x-ray fees can be covered by the insurance. Often dental insurance pays up to $1000 to 2000 if the individual is 18 years of age or younger. Dental insurance usually do not pay for adults above 18 years of age.
  • Complexity of the case: Some adults may require surgery to enlarge their jaws in order to accommodate the teeth. Sometimes teeth may need to be removed. This can cost you additional money in the braces treatment. Braces cost for adults is lesser if the oral condition is not complex. It can cost you around $3000.
  • Types of braces: The cost of braces for adults greatly depends on the type of braces you choose.
  • Traditional metal braces- Metal braces are the least expensive braces and very affordable than others. The cost is less than ceramic braces.  Costs can be around $1500 to $10,000 depending on the complexity of the case and duration of the treatment.
  • Ceramic or plastic bracket- They are tooth-colored braces and look more natural. Hence, they cost more, i.e., up to $7800.
  • Lingual braces- They have to be custom made and is concealed behind the teeth. The cost can be $500 to $13,000 or above
  • Invisalign braces- Invisalign braces are made of thin, natural looking computer fabricated plastics. They are easier to remove and clean and are less noticeable. Costs can go up to $3500 to $8000 however, average cost is $5000.
  • Duration of the treatment: Most of the time braces have to be worn for a long duration. This is because adult teeth would take longer time to adapt as the mouth is not in a growing stage anymore like children. This will require a number of visits and checkups throughout the treatment. Office visits and maintenance fees will double your expense.
  • Specialty of the dentist: Braces cost for adults can vary from one surgeon to another depending on the location. Some may charge higher price for the same braces than the other surgeons. Here the experience and popularity of the surgeon also plays a role. Very famous and well-skilled orthodontists may charge you high fees when compared to a new not so famous surgeon. Moreover, if the surgeon is located in some big cities, then one can expect more expense on having the braces placed.

The best way to find out the least reasonable price for adult braces is to consult several orthodontic and find out their varying costs. There are some dental clinics that offer cheap discounts and treatments on braces. Consulting with a number of doctors will help you to find the best orthodontist as well as give you the exact idea about braces cost for adults. This will help you to plan your treatment according to your requirements and budget.

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