Length of Time Between Braces Adjustments

In the majority of the cases, 18 to about 30 months are necessary to wear braces by an individual. However, what usually people wonder, how much is the ideal length of time between braces adjustments?  Debate over this period of time can go on and on. The time period between the braces adjustments is advised by the orthodontists, however, the same may differ from one orthodontist to another. Essentially the time period for the adjustments is people specific.  Some patients would require more visits; some other may not require that much.  It majorly depends upon the quality of each one’s teeth.

Reportedly, the American Association of Orthodontists say that the length of time between braces adjustments should be decided by the orthodontist depending upon the particular case that he/she is working upon.  Some patients would require more frequent visits than the others. There can be simple cases or some really complex cases too. We cannot put everything on an equal footing.

Here’s a Video Demonstration of a Braces Adjustment

The actual length of time:

Normally, the length of time between braces adjustments for uncomplicated cases would be 6 weeks and above. In some other cases the bracket would be above 8 weeks. There are patients who would like to have a faster treatment of braces done on their teeth. For them, the length of time between braces adjustments would essentially be just some three to four weeks only. Exceptions would always be there, though. As has been said throughout, it is again patient specific.

How to go about it?

To determine the actual length of time for getting braces adjustments, an individual needs to sit and discuss the same with his/her doctor itself. Here again, if you go to two different orthodontists, you will be given two different alternatives.  The decision; however at the end, is yours only.  You may have to plan as per your available time and also see how much personal attention your orthodontist will be able to give you to come to a conclusion about actually how much length of time between braces adjustments is required for your case of braces adjustments.

Why is the length of time between braces adjustments this much?

Your teeth may hurt in the process of doing the braces adjustments. The pain relievers are required to have been consumed so as to relieve oneself from the pain. Thereafter, you may be required to have soft foods alone for a couple of days or else you will have to resort to taking the protein shakes to avoid chewing any hard substances and giving pressure to your teeth. Exerting pressure would undo all the work that is being done by having the braces on.  Some may have to endure the pain that might arise after doing braces adjustment for about couple of weeks.

The cells of your teeth regenerate while the braces adjustment takes place.  For the same, one has to give some time to generate.  Thus, there is normally considerable gap given by the orthodontists for the length of time between braces adjustments.  To the minimum of 3 weeks is required for getting the cells regenerated.

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