Teeth Moving After Braces are Removed

Moving teeth after the braces are removed can be a tough activity for the people. To prevent teeth from shifting it is advised by the orthodontists that immediately after removing the braces one should begin to wear retainers.  The retainers very well prevent the teeth form shifting.  Though with age, the teeth tend to move a bit.  This tendency of the teeth also could not be avoided as it is but natural for them to do. Therefore, we can very well state that one needs to be very cautious about the teeth moving after braces are removed.

It is observed that there is always a slight movement that happens more or less after or in many of the cases within 2 – 3 weeks of removing the braces.  Some people have a tendency of clenching the teeth unconsciously at night time. It is to be noted here that this moving tendency of the teeth would eventually destroy the amount of work that the braces had done, all the while that they were placed on to the teeth.

Finding a solution for teeth moving after the braces are removed:

As mentioned in the initial paragraph itself, the orthodontists prescribe their patients to retain their teeth from not moving and make the work that they had done on their teeth with the braces worthless! The teeth moving after braces are removed could break your heart as if it is not properly taken care of, the same could make the teeth less straighten or brittle as well as restructuring of the teeth that was provided to them by the braces.

Where are the retainers placed?

teeth moving after bracesThe retainer is applied at the back of the teeth that are placed at the top. Like the care that you had given to the braces the retainers also demand a lot of attention.  These have to be very well taken care of.  The initial step to take care of the teeth is by cleaning them properly.  Thereafter one would be required to do some flossing with the help of self threading floss. This floss is used for cleaning the braces too.  It is supposedly a nifty choice, since these help prevent any food to be get stuck on to the teeth which eventually makes the teeth susceptible to tooth decay or to form the cavities.

If at all an individual’s orthodontist feels that there is a grave possibility of teeth moving after braces are removed, the apt suggestion form them would be to retain having the retainers at the top back of the teeth.  This ways, an individual would not have to take chances upon the work that has already been done by the braces on the teeth of an individual.  It is also ensured thus that the teeth moving after braces are removed restricted. However, you may consider the following also to prevent teeth moving after braces are removed:

  • Avoid having hard food items!
  • For the initial 2 to 3 weeks of time have soft food items only!

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