Why Dental Teeth Whitening After Braces are Removed is Better Than Home Whitening?

Instead of going to the shop and buying any home whitening products, or toothpastes or whitening kits, it would be a wiser option to go to a dental office. In-office teeth whitening by a professional dentist lowers your incidence of any side-effects because in a dental office patients are often screened and monitored initially prior to whitening. Then the whitening procedures are customized according to the requirements of each individual.

Professional dentist can examine the cause of the injury or discoloration and cause of stain teeth whether it is an intrinsic stain or extrinsic stain and the treatment follows. Furthermore, one must know home teeth whitening products and kits are not efficient in removing stains from tooth enamel, veneers, crowns, tooth fillings and glue or bonding materials use to attach braces to the teeth.

The doctor will first of all clean the teeth to remove accumulated plague and tarter and to remove any cementing bonds left by wearing a braces. After cleaning the teeth, dentist may recommend the best possible teeth whitening to whiten your teeth.

Home teeth whitening such as strips and mouth trays can only whiten the outside surface of the teeth the tooth enamel is not completely whiten. Moreover, home whitening using mouth trays can be dangerous if bleaching solution is swallowed accidently. One has to wait for weeks or even a month to see the visible results of whitening too.

Which dental office teeth whitening after braces are removed is best for me?

Dental whitening is more effective in whitening any stained teeth. In-office laser teeth whitening is one of the popular choices when it comes to teeth whitening. Your dentist will apply bleaching gel on your teeth after cleaning and focus a laser light into your teeth. The laser light will penetrate the tooth enamel and work to remove the stains effectively. With laser teeth whitening, one can have 6-8 shades whiter than the original color. The time it takes to whiten teeth is only about one hour.

Another in-office teeth whitening is zoom teeth whitening. The process is similar to that of teeth whitening but is less expensive. Zoom teeth whitening also uses a special zoom lased light to whiten teeth.

Who can do teeth whitening after braces are removed?

Any adults who are above 18 years of age can do dental teeth whitening safely. Children should not bleach their teeth after removal of braces as there are chances of complications in them. Children can choose home whitening toothpastes if they want but still the complication risks are there.

When can I start my teeth whitening after braces are removed?

The cement or glue that is used to attach you braces to the teeth can remain on the teeth surface up to 4 weeks after removal of the braces. If you do whitening before removal of all the cementing materials the whitened teeth may result in even whitening. Therefore, wait for a month till all the cement comes off of its own. Moreover, wearing braces might have weakened your teeth and immediate teeth whitening after braces are removed may not be good for your teeth.

Ensure that all of the cement materials are removed completely from your teeth along with your braces. If they are not cleaned properly they can leave stains on the teeth.

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