Do Cavities Go Away on Their Own?

Cavities are pitted holes or openings on the surface of the teeth. Never do cavities go away on their own. They are rotting teeth and will eventually go away with your rotten teeth. Cavities in fact, can worsen and cause severe infection and pain if not fixed immediately.

Cavities are caused when tooth decays or rot away due to plague build up on the teeth. Most often cavities occur in between teeth or at the back of the molar teeth. During early development, cavities may not show any visible signs and symptoms. However, they will continue to progress over time. Symptoms are obvious once it is advanced. Discoloration of the affected teeth due to plague accumulation indicates its progression. Once cavity has happen it will continue to rot your teeth until your entire teeth is rotten.

Holes or pits will grow bigger and deeper if you leave it untreated. Once the cavities reach the inside pulp region, infection and abscess formation can take place. This can be very painful and prevent you from biting or chewing or eating foods.

Some individuals may think that cavities are minor problems and do cavities go away on their own but, they only gets worst, deeper, bigger and painful. Initial teeth cavity if left untreated will rot away your whole teeth and will even spread it to the other teeth.

Cavities don’t go off on their own because the bacterium that causes cavities destroys your enamel as well as dentil permanently. If a cavity has spread to the pulp, even pulp damage is permanent and there is no chance of your pulp or your enamel of growing back. So, cavities do not heal over time, in fact it gets worse and each time you eat sugars the holes will burn more and more.

Cavities lead to teeth sensitivity. Sensitivity can be felt while drinking cold or do cavities go awayhot drinks and consuming sugary foods. An individual with dental cavity experiences increased sensitivity to sugars because sugars irritate your cavity holes when they get inside them. Cavity sensitivity may go off over time but once cavity has set in there is no chance of going back. Thus, cavities cannot be reversed back. The only option is dental treatment to prevent cavity from spreading and getting worse.

Now you know the answer about do cavities go away on their own, you should also know that cavities not only cannot be reversed back but they also grows faster. Yes, some cavities in fact grow faster and spread to the other teeth. The faster your cavity will grow the more your teeth will rot away and in no time you will be experiencing awful pain.

Slight or initial cavity development can be reversed back with using fluoride. Using fluoride daily to rinse the mouth after meals and using fluoride toothpaste for brushing can repair slight cavity. Also fluoride helps in strengthening your teeth and prevent occurrence of cavities. Fluoride keeps your enamel away from bacterial plague acid attacks.

So, at the end we can conclude that cavity is a dental disease that can be repaired if treated early however, cavity does not go off on its own.

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