Is it Possible to Get Cavities from Kissing?

Surprise by the humor that cavity can be spread through kissing your hubby? Well, yes is it possible to get cavities from kissing. Cavities are as much as contagious as cold or flu. They can be transmitted from saliva infected with cavity to the mouth of the other.

Sugars, chocolates, sweets and sodas were considered as the main culprits of cavities. But here is the new culprit on the list- kissing because during kissing there is an exchange of saliva between the two partners and saliva is the perfect medium for oral bacteria to live and flourish.

Sweets just increases the risk of developing cavities actually the main culprit are the bacteria called streptococcus mutans and lactobacilli that feed on sugary foods and produce acids as its metabolic by product. These acids dissolve or erode your teeth over time leading to cavities.

However, kissing improves overall appearance of your body. It improves facial muscles and prevents wrinkles. It is known to relieve stress too. Most importantly, kissing stimulates saliva flow which helps in flushing out the bacteria from the mouth. Kissing is also known to prevent plague and tarter buildup.

Kissing and cavities-

Oral bacteria streptococcus mutans can be spread through kissing your lover. Parents and mothers can spread their cavity to their babies too. Streptococcus mutans thrive in saliva and plague. When an individual infected with cavity smooch or kiss his or her partner, bacteria is transmitted through the saliva to the other person. Also there have been findings of saliva transfer through sharing of foods, drinks and beverages.

Kissing babies and cavities-

Young infants are at higher risk of getting oral cavity from their mother through saliva transmission such as blowing baby’s food, tasting baby’s food and kissing the baby on the mouth. Any mouth to mouth contact can deliver live bacteria into the mouth of another individual.

All these show that is it possible to get cavities from kissing. Studies have shown that more than fifty different types of bacteria are transferred in a single kiss. Saliva that is full of germs including those bacteria causing cavity, is spread by kissing a cavity infected partner. When you kiss your partner who is infested with cavity bacteria, you can catch cavity too. This is more likely to happen if you have poor oral hygiene and has low concentration of cavity causing bacteria. Once the additional amount of cavity causing bacteria is added to your saliva along with your previous bacteria, cavity is most likely to develop. Thus, an ideal atmosphere is created for bacteria to set in tooth decay and cavity.

Hence, even though saliva act as a natural lubricant and wash away plague, you might catch a cavity. In fact, kissing someone who has cavity increases your risk of getting cavity even though you don’t have any history of cavities. On the other hand, kissing someone who is more susceptible to cavity can help in building your immunity against cavities. Therefore, is it possible to get cavities from kissing?

Next time when you kiss your loved one, think about the good and bad things about kissing. Who knows unknowingly you might be delivering your cavity to your beloved one or you are the one who will be receiving those cavity causing bacteria from your loved one.

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