What Happens if Cavities are Left Untreated and Allowed to Grow?

Cavities are black or dark brown colored pits or holes that develop on the surface of the teeth especially at the back molars and other molars that are involve in chewing and grinding foods. Cavities are common dental problems among children as well as young adults. Though cavities can be effectively prevented with proper oral measures and hygiene, it can rot away or decay the entire tooth if left unattended.

These is what happens if cavities are left untreated-

  • Discomfort and pain- Teeth affected by cavities are very annoying, painful and discomfort able. Pain can be mild or severe and even excruciating at times. Severity of the pain depends on the extent of the cavity. One may experience sharp throbbing pain while some may feel dull radiating pain that can radiate to the ears and jaws and lead to throbbing headaches. Pain can come suddenly any time of the day and can worsen at night while sleeping. Severely decayed or rotten tooth can cause pain even while walking or talking or jumping. It can keep away patient from enjoying his or her daily activities.

The problems and complications of untreated cavities are not just toothache and pain. Complications can extend beyond it.

  • Aesthetics- Rotten teeth are ugly to look at and can affect individual’s looks and self-esteem. Rotten teeth have holes are usually black or yellow colored. If left untreated, rotten teeth can rot away the whole teeth and infection will set in. This will cause pus formation at the base of the gums. Moreover, fully rotten teeth can break and fall off into pieces leaving you with only partial broken tooth which can give ugly appearance. This is what happens if cavities are left untreated and allowed to rot.
  • Bad breath- Completely rotten or cavity teeth can give away foul odor or bad breath while talking.
  • Medical complications- Besides tooth pain and looks, rotten teeth can give rise to several medical complications. Missing or fallen teeth can affect proper digestion. Severe tooth cavities and infection can cause systemic infection. Bacteria and abscesses can travel down from your mouth to your system through blood stream and lead to systemic infection. Systemic infection can further lead to serious life-threatening health conditions.

Individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes, immune disorders and heart diseases are at risk of developing serious complications if cavities are left untreated. Pregnant women with cavities may give birth preterm or to low weight babies. This is what happens if cavities are left untreated.

  • Jaw and facial problems- Cavity affected teeth can hamper proper chewing and biting and this can affect normal jaw alignment. If numbers of teeth are rotten, teeth can shift and this will affect the facial structure too. Moreover, entirely rotten tooth may fall off and this can cause the nearby teeth to shift or move. Furthermore, severe cavities if left unattended can spread not only to other teeth but also to the jaw bone causing more damage and destruction of the jaw bones.
  • Dental abscess- This is what happens if cavities are left untreated and infection spread to the soft tissues of the pulp, mouth or jaw. Abscess formation can be seen around the gums or teeth and is very painful. Pus accumulation at the infection site will eventually rupture and drain off.

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