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The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is a professional association of orthodontists in the United States of America. It is an association started in Missouri, near St. Louis. .They believe in quality orthodontic care and thus improving public health.

Every member of the AAO is required to study at least 2 years in an official orthodontic residency, and only after getting their degree in orthodontia may a dentist call himself an orthodontist. Almost 95 percent of all orthodontists of USA are the members of AAO. There are more than 16000 orthodontists in the American Association of Orthodontists and they work towards the advancement of science and art of orthodontics. Many orthodontists in the AAO are also members of the American Dental Association.

The American Association of Orthodontists is affiliated with many other international orthodontic corporations like the Canadian Association of Orthodontists. Orthodontics is considered to be the oldest and the largest specialty in dental care which is recognized by the American Dental Association these days.

The American Association of Orthodontists has a charitable arm called the AAO fund. The AAO funds main aim is to support the various orthodontic researches and educational programs for the ethical advancement of orthodontics.

The American Association of Orthodontists recently stated that the AAO treat more than 5 million people across USA and Canada. And almost about twenty percent of their patients are orthodontists. Due to this enormous rise in the number of patients the future of orthodontia is bright and the number of orthodontists in the country are increasing at the rate of nearly twenty percent per annum and is predicted to do so through 2020. Due to the increase in patients throughout the country being an orthodontist is considered to be a secure profession and it has a hundred percent employment rate.

As you grow older there is a chance that your teeth might drift, and surely people who were born with mesmerizing smiles can also experience this and obviously would want their natural smiles back. The percentage of people wanting to go through the procedure of getting your smile back has increased by almost thirty seven percent, with almost sixty percent of them being women.

The orthodontists today have adopted many measures and material advancements in the dental industry to improve their patients comfort level. NASA has even developed wires that may soon even replace the regular wires totally. The NASA developed wires have a memory and know where they are supposed to be and then they move the teeth very gently.

When you pick your dentist or even when you visit a new one because of some dental emergency, make sure that your dentist is in the American Association of Orthodontists. Another point that you should look into is whether your dentist has a degree from a recognized and reputed dental institution, for example like the University of Louisville Dental School, or the Harvard School of Dentistry etc. Because it’s your smile, and with the correct orthodontist you can make it better.

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