An Inside Look into the Salary of a Dentist

If you have been making frequent visits to a dentist for treating tooth decay or fixing up braces while you sit aimlessly with your mouth wide open on the chair a number of thoughts may be wandering in your mind. And if you ever happened to think about the dentist skillfully juggling with those rods in your mouth let me tell you dentistry is quite a skill. And talking about the salary of a dentist be informed to know that the pay package for dentists is currently rising like never before owing to the shortage of dentists. Besides the shortage factor the pay is well justified as dentist spend about 8 years with 6 years of studying in dental school followed by 2 years of treating patients as part of their course.

On an average the salary of a dentist is approximated to be close to $147,000. And dentists who further specialize in surgical applications they significantly earn more. For example an orthodontist (refers to a dentist who specializes in prevention or rectification of teeth and jaws which may be misaligned) may be earning up to $ 190,000. Note the lowest 10% dentists earn around $55,250 per annum while the highest 10% earn more than $166,400 reaching as high as $240,000 per year.

If you take the case of the newly graduated dentist especially in rural areas they may begin with a low income of $100K but will gradually build up with increase in experience and popularity.

Moreover the salary of a dentist varies depending on the geographical location of the dental office. Those in metropolitan cities earn considerably higher than their counterparts in the suburbs.

And not to forget those dentists who set up their own clinics undoubtedly earn more over a period of time. According to the American Dental Association over half the dentist in the United States are self employed or work in private dental setting. Among those who own a dental clinic the fee charge is fixed by them keeping in mind several factors such as the initial investment in acquiring the office space, the required equipment, the salary of the assistant ( if any), the operational expenses and a few other miscellaneous expenses( and may be the dental education loan if taken). Though returns in the beginning may not seem to be attractive in the long run they make a good sum of money compared to the employed dentists. Besides, self employed dentists charge their patients slightly higher because they also put in more efforts as they have to work beyond visiting hours (mostly for sorting out business requirements).

And if you have been doing rounds to the dentist for your kids you may agree with me that you will have to spend more money to treat their compared to yours. Dental problems in children need to be treated more carefully as they are still growing. As such pediatric dentists earn higher salaries.

The top 5 states paying highest salaries to dentists include Oregon, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Georgia followed by California.

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