Average Salary for Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are dental professionals who have acquired a dental assistant vocational program for 12 months and are eligible to work in dentistry field. Dental assistants assist the surgeon in various dental procedures.

Dental assistant career is interesting, highly demanding and the average salary for dental assistant is also very good. Choosing this career is a good and wise choice because dental assistant jobs never go out of the trail, even at times of financial crisis. In fact, more and more dental assistant jobs are being created and the salary is rising rapidly due to increased demand of this profession all over the globe.

Dental assistants earn hourly pays of 11.28- 16.44 dollars. So, according to Occupational Employment and Wages information, the average salary for dental assistant on hourly basis was 34, 140 dollars annually. This is based on 40 hour work week. Dental assistants can earn up to 37,331 to 40,830 dollars a year (hourly earnings) from bonuses, overtime and profits.

Salary for dental assistants is very much attractive but variations in salary happen due to several factors. These include-

  • Education- Education is an important factor in determining the dental assistant salary. This include from which dental training school you graduated from. Receiving training from reputable and renowned dental assistant training school could possibly mean you might be getting into right dental assistant establishment and attractive salary as well.
  • Certification- Because of heavy competition in this field it may be tuff to get the right job and nice salary. So, if you want to hike your salary higher and achieve success it is very important to become a registered average dental assistant salarydental assistant. Being a registered dental assistant can open up job options for you with higher salaries. You are likely to be hired to work in specialized dentistry like oral surgery or orthodontics. There are more chances for getting promoted and this could perhaps raise your earnings too. Certification from CDA, COA and CPFDA can raise the pay scale in this field.
  • Location of the job- Average salary for dental assistant varies on where you work. Whether you are working in a small town or a big metropolitan city.
  • State to state variation- Dental assistants’ pays can vary from state to state. Some may earn more in one state than the others. If a particular state has a high average dental assistant salary could mean that it is the best location to practice dental assistant there.
  • Experience in the field- Experience is another factor that determines the average salary for dental assistant. Whether you are freshly practicing your dentistry or have previous experience greatly affects your earnings in this field. Years of experience can hike your salaries.
  • Your employer- Whether your employer is a startup private clinic or is well-established for many years and the number of employees or dentist in the office where you work. A newly established dental office may pay you lesser than a long standing, well-established dental practice. A new establishment may not be in the point to pay you very well than the established one. Also government hospitals pay more average salaries than the private and federal organizations.


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