Dental Office Design – How to make your workplace reflect you.

1. The Right size according to your Practice

Your new office should be of that size that it accommodates the needs of your patients and you. A lot of times the Dental Office Design is either overused or undersized. A careful analysis of your practice with thought given to the number of people and procedure analysis will make a good indicator for how your design should go about. Your ultimate goal is to create a work place with maximum efficiency and to prevent all system bottle necks.

2. Unwinding space

Being in the dental care, as we all know, is stressful. After a hard day of work, you need to socialize and unwind yourself. Ideally your unwinding space should be away from your clinical space. Also your private office should be conveniently located, this helps you keep up with the happenings of your office and also lets your work staff come to the real manager of your office – you.

3. Sterilization Centers

If your facility has less than ten areas of treatment you should go for a centralized sterilization area. Don’t go for the readymade sterilization centers as they are way too compact for most practices and end up giving a love cost to benefit ratio.

4. Storage rooms

All of your storage should be centralized. Your supply room should be accessible immediately by all your clinical staff yet should not be viewable by your patients. This helps your staff have immediate access and some at-the-moment inventory. Staff should have access of all the products and your spumy should neither be staked vertically nor should it be in the bulky promotional boxes.

5. Appreciating Silence

Creating sound cushions and sound barriers is of immense important in a good Dental office Design. Isolating the waiting room from the clinic in the past was acceptable but not so much in today’s Dental Industry. Your patients like to be treated like guests, and since your guests do not like the sound of dental drills, you need to isolate them to your workplace only. Remember that strategic door and window placement with various angulations can help you from keeping the sound from traveling.

6. Make treatment rooms compact

With your treatment rooms rightly compact and your layout effective, you will make sure that your hygienists are not seen wandering in the corridors, searching from one room to another for the doctor. It will also help you make your sterilization be centralized truly. You need to pursue the consolidation of your treatment rooms relentlessly.

7. Manage your expenditure

Prioritize everything, your must haves, your real wants, even your hope fors. Don’t only keep your future in mind and be lost in it, always be in touch with your written goals. As in the end, a profit center is what your office should be. Ease of maintenance should always be kept in your mind, as many times, 60% of structural cost is in maintenance.

Keeping the above points in mind, you should always add that wow statement to your Dental Office Design, this would create a lasting impression on your patients. Your efforts initially in the planning stage will reap in the future.

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