How Much Does an Oral Surgeon Make Per Year?

Maxillofacial and oral surgeons commonly known as oral surgeons are educated for about 4 years in a dental school and follow it up with 4 more years of a surgical program residing in a hospital. Here they are trained in areas involving plastic surgery, general surgery, reconstructive surgery, treatment of jaw line cancers, surgical dental implantation, emergency care, internal medicine, etc.

According to the Bureau of Labor on an average earns around $101.30 per hour and around $210,710 per annum.

Some of the factors which largely influence the salary of an oral surgeon include the following:


Oral surgeons living in New York on an average have an annual income of $207,850 with those practicing in Massachusetts making an average of $201,500 per annum.


Experience is another important factor for the huge variation in the oral surgeon salary. Novice oral surgeon with experience less than 12 months begin with $50,000 going up to $200,000. And of course the salaries increase proportionately along with the experience gained. An oral surgeon with moderate experience of about 4 – 5 years earn around $120,000 to $220,000. On the other hand highly experienced dentist owing to their efficiency and exposure earn handsome salaries in the range of $100,000 to $380,000.

Place of work:

Oral surgeons practicing in dental offices on an average earn about $210,000 per annum and those working in physician’s clinics earn around $203,000 per year and those who serve in medical care units earn around $200,000 per year.

Private practice:

Oral surgeons who practice dentistry privately earn in the range of $154,100 to $ 255,000. Those employed in government health care units earn roughly anywhere around $112,000 to $235,000.

Considering the pay or returns of an oral surgeon here’s some useful information for those who might want to pursue a career in oral surgery:

  • Firstly you need to have a bachelor’s degree specializing in 3 core subjects namely Biology, Chemistry and Human Anatomy.
  • Basic dental educated is needed for 4 years. Upon completion of graduation students are given license to actually practice dentistry.
  • If you opt for specialization in dentistry an additional 4 years is spent. So much so that to become an oral surgeon an additional of 4 years of dental school is required.
  • These four years are back up with a residency program during which they are trained in depth in various aspects under the supervision of a certified oral surgeon.
  • This is followed by a certification test comprising of practical and written testing from the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

According to a recent survey the need for oral surgeons is expected to boom up by 9% in the coming 5 years making this field a promising career path with attractive salaries. And what more an oral surgeon at the end of the day is the creator of many a happy smiles.

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