The Dental Assistants Salary is High and the Job is Stable. What More Do You Need?

The career of a dental assistant is considered nothing less than great in the healthcare industry. To be a dental assistant, you don’t need to spend 4 years in college and the dental assistants salary is quite high. The overall demand for Dental Assistants in the United States and worldwide is predicted to rise rapidly in the coming ten years, which means this is the perfect time to be a dental assistant! The average dental assistant salary according to the United States Labor Bureau is considered to be about 33,000$ per annum. Just like other professions a dental assistants salary can vary due to various factors like location, experience, and industry. The state where the dental assistants salary is highest is Mississippi and it is lowest at Puerto Rico. A Dental Assistants salary varies from as high as about 45,000$ to as low as 20,000 $. There are many factors and resins behind this huge variation in the Dental Assistants salary in different states and even the salary can vary between cites in the same state. So if you are a Dental Assistant with experience, it is always advised that you should do a research about the locations so that you can get the highest possible pay which you may be entitled to. The figures reflecting a Dental Assistants Salary obviously show that their income is above the country’s average because they spend way less as compared to many fields to be qualified for the position and thus save thousands of dollars!

The Dental Assistant National Board should be one of your top priorities if you are or you want to be a Dental Assistant. It is a well known fact that if you have DANB certificate you are entitled to a higher salary as compared to those Dental Assistants who are non DANB certified. A certified Dental Assistant also has a higher possibility and may find it easier to get a job. And the DANB certificate is the only way to show a Dental Assistants competence and competitiveness. The type of work a Dental Assistant does also substantially affects the Dental Assistants Salary. The average Dental Assistants Salary is somewhere between 17$ to 18$. but the Dental Assistants who are earning highest in their field get about an average wage of 20$ an hour.

The Dental Assistant generally has to schedule appointments, organize all the patent records and everything in order. Sometimes a Dental Assistant also has to deal with some Insurance companies. They also supposed to take prepare materials for collecting the dental impressions and take X Rays of patients. To organize dental apparatus and to sterilize the apparatus are also duties of a Dental Assistant. They are generally assisting a Dental hygienist or a dentist during the dental procedures.

The career of a Dental Assistant is best for those who lack the monetary means of getting an associates or a bachelors degree. To become a Dental Assistant one only needs formal truing of 9 months after which you can take the certification test and later on in your career you can get an Associates Degree in the field of Dental Health, which surely boost your career even further!

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