Dental Crown Cost – Do You Need a Crown on Your Head to Pay for Dental Crowns these Days?

After getting to know that we need dental crowns, a common question asked is ” How much would getting a dental crown cost? ” Crowns also called caps are costly, the most pocket friendly caps in the market cost about 600$ to 700$ and the more expensive Dental Crowns cost up to about 3000$ or maybe even more. The reason behind this vast variation in the Dental Crown cost is that there are many different types of crowns in the market today, and it is upon the patient to decide what kind of Dental Crown he wants. Today, in the market there are 4 kinds of dental crowns available.

The details and the cost of the different kinds of dental crowns are:

  • Full Metal Dental Crown : Such kind of dental crowns are generally made of some precious metal like grade gold, as compared to other crowns this kind of crown tends to require less tooth structure to be detached, and this leads to minimizing the wear on the other teeth hence wear down the least thus having the maximum life span. Because of the given reasons a large number of people still prefer such crowns over the other crowns that cannot be seen easily. These dental crowns cost between 750$ to 1400$.
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Tooth Crown: The main advantage of this type of dental types is that the color of porcelain fused metal crown is matched to the human teeth. Hence they aren’t as conspicuous as metal caps. The disadvantage of such caps is that it eventually starts to wear down the teeth adjacent, and even more a dark line comes on the tooth and eventually the metal which is inside starts to show. Such kind of dental caps also has a tendency to chip off and break a lot more but these caps are still preferred by people because of their natural look. This Dental Crown Costs from 700$ to 1300$
  • Full Resin Dental Crown: This is generally the cheapest of the lot. But along with being cheap it also has its drawbacks. It is most likely to crack or chip off amongst all the different designs and it also brings about damage and wear to the other teeth as compared to the other kind of caps. But apart from all its shortcomings it is still preferred by a lot of people because it is cheaper and a lot of people without insurance buy these kind of crowns. This kind of Dental Crowns cost between 600$ to 1200 $

Full Porcelain Tooth Crown: This type of crown has the highest color match with the human teeth as compared to all other kinds of caps. This kind of cap is most expensive at about 800$ to 1750$ and generally only those people use them who are sensitive to the full metal dental caps. However even while they are the most expensive they are not quite strong and are known to produce the most amount of damage and wear out the adjacent teeth.

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