Find the right Dentist at 1800 Dentist!

Why flip the pages of your yellow pages, when you can find the right dentist in a matter of minutes? Yes, 1800 dentist (now also a website: is a one-stop informational center for all your Dental needs!

The company’s colorful story began all the way back in the 1980s, when through their company Applied Anagramics, Inc., Tansy and Bob Goodman had licensed the to be renowned 800 number. You must commend the Goodmans great foresight who realized this basic habit of humans to reach for the phone when they are in need, be it to find a service provider.

In 1985, 1-800 -DENTIST came into use and Applied Anagramics started selecting certain dentist who could use 1800 dentist and locally promote their practices. Though 1800 Dentist finally took off in the year 1986, when Fred Joyal and Gary Saint Denis from Futuredontics made a contract with Applied Anagramics so that they could use 1800 Dentist for a slightly new service of providing patients who require the Dental care with pre-screened and matching qualified dentists in Southern California. 1800 Dentist was an instantaneous success!

In a few years 1800 Dentist went from regional to national and etched themselves in detail in the patients mind all across USA! They believed and achieved their goal, which was to inform the patients about modern day dentistry and to help them avoid many dental problems and emergencies.

In the year 2002, 1800 dentist opened their website to compliment their phone number. This made finding a dentist even more easy. Now the patients had access to detailed information about the dentist which was matching their unique needs and offering the appropriate services. They provided vital information like dental treatments, office hours, languages spoken, amenities and many more. Just like their telephone service the website has operators available to help you 24X7. Also like their telephone service it also had pre screened dentists, and it also has a lot of information teeth, so that before you go to the dental clinic you can study about everything and do your homework.  Such features give 1800 Dentist a competitive edge over other websites, who just help you by offering you a local dentist but meanwhile 1800 Dentist can give you all the information you wanted to know about dentists and dentistry!

Now 1800 Dentist proudly serves 50 states in the United States and is the largest service in the country for dentist patient matching. And in Brand week they were consistently ranked as one of the top 1500 bands of the nation with more than 6.5 million customers contacting them every year!

1800 Dentist is also doing their bit in helping the world. They are active in charity and give their effort, money and time to many organizations like Oral Health America, The Children’s Dental Center and The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation.

It is safe to say that by looking at their fabulous service the future of 1800 Dentist is indeed bright!

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