How Much is a Root Canal?

If you’re down with excruciating pain in your tooth and chagrined to know that a root canal is inevitable, you may often ask yourself how much is a root canal. In order to protect your wallet from thinning soon, you might consider checking up with some friends and two or three qualified dentists’ themselves. Factors that determine the cost of root canal are:

Firstly your tooth condition is considered when it comes to the cost of the root canal treatment involved. If your tooth is severely infected then your dentist may find it viable to place a drug in the infected tooth to subside the infection and then follow it up with the actual root canal procedure later. You may have to spend more time and money if this is clearly the case.

Endodontist vs. Regular dentist varies the cost of the treatment involved. Commonly regular dentists are well equipped and have adequate expertise to perform a root canal treatment. But if your tooth shows up some complication like intricate root curves or narrow multiple roots you may settle down with an endodontist. Since endodontist limit to root canal treatments with required specialized training they may be best suited to handle the case. Of course the special care comes at cost. Undoubtedly your endodontist will cost you about twice the charges of a regular dentist.

The type of teeth which requires a root canal treatment determines the cost of the procedure. If your incisors or premolars (front teeth) need a RC they will cost you about $ 300 – $ 700 and your molars (back teeth) may cost you a good $ 500 – $ 750. The difference in price may be attributed to the varying amount of time and effort involved.

The front teeth are more readily seen and easily accessible. This calls for minimum efforts by the dentist and about 30 -60 min to wind up the procedure. If you take the case of the posterior teeth firstly since the opening narrows down the dentist will have to look deeper and more carefully for longer and eventually put in more efforts. The extra effort is compensated with a higher price.

Further if your root canal treatment calls for a permanent restoration using a crown you may have to additionally shell out up to $1000, if your root canal fee does not include placement of crown fee. And if you’re looking for finer ones it can cost you up to $2000.

In case your first root canal failed or was done long ago and if the pain reappears you may have take a second chance and opt for a root canal retreatment. This may be more challenging than the previous treatment and more often an endodontist is preferred. Since endodontist have additional specialized training and concentrated experience they will be able to complete the root canal more efficiently but may cost you almost 2.5 times an ordinary root canal fee.

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