Teeth Whitening Prices

Whiten your teeth to brighten your smile

Teeth whitening refers to the practice of using a dental bleach to whiten the teeth beyond their existing color.  Teeth whitening is generally resorted to for cosmetic purposes to spruce up one’s smile. Teeth whitening agents can effectively remove the stains caused by coffee, cigarettes, medications like tetracycline etc.

Types of teeth whitening agents:

Over the counter teeth whitening strips:

These teeth whitening strips cost the least and are so easy to avail. Just drop into a medical store or a supermarket and you will surely find one. You can use them if you wish to boost your teeth color by a shade or two.

Teeth whitening gel trays:

Under this method the dentist will design a tray using a mold of your mouth and fit it in the upper and lower teeth with a tooth whitening gel. The tooth whitening gel will consistently enter every nook and corner of the teeth with your bite. They can be worn any time without disrupting your routine activities. They have to be worn for about 15 – 20 days to give your teeth the desired shade. Teeth whitening gel trays are more efficient as they are custom made to ensure maximum whitening.

Laser whitening:

This method is the quickest way to whiten your teeth. Under this method the lips and the gums are covered and only the teeth are exposed. A whitening gel is applied on the teeth under a special light which enter the teeth to discolor the stains and leave them white and bright.

Depending on the degree of discoloration and shade you desire you can chose your pick. If you were to consider the cost involved here’s an insight to teeth whitening prices.

Owing to their simplicity and low cost teeth whitening strips are known to be the least effective teeth whitening agents and cost the least. You can avail a pack of 10 strips of moderate whitening effect for about $20 to $40.

A pack of 50 Listerine teeth whitening strips cost you about $25 -$30 depending on where you get one from.

If you were to opt for teeth whitening gel trays a kit may cost you’re around $400 to $500 and a refill pack can be availed for as low as $ 100 from your dentist.

And if you wish to avail laser teeth whitening depending on where you’re getting it done you may have to approximately shell out over $1000 for the entire process.

In general teeth whitening prices increase with increase in the no. of in-clinic sittings needed for the patient. For example laser whitening is completely done at a clinic and the entire procedure takes around 1.5 to 2 hours and is the most expensive.

On the other hand if you consider the teeth whitening gel tray option it needs an initial visit and further it can be done on your own at home and hence costs comparatively lesser than the zoom treatment done in clinics.

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