What is Dental Care? And How Can I Get it For Free?

Taking care of our inner mouth (like: teeth and gums) is called dental care. Dental care includes brushing, flossing and consulting your dental hygienist as to have healthy teeth. Eating healthy food such as: vegetables, fruits, dairy products and whole grains.


  • Bad Breath: Bad breath is also known as halitosis. Dental problems such as gum diseases, dry mouth, oral cancer and bacteria on the tongue causes bad breathe .If you are suffering from chronic breathe than confer with dentist.
  • Loss of Tooth: A sticky substance known as plaque mixes with the food that we consume and then it produces an acid which attacks tooth enamel causing loss of tooth. It also cause tooth decay.
  • Periodontal Diseases: A periodontal disease is also known as gum diseases. The gum diseases affect the gums surrounding the teeth .This disease is one of the cause for erosion of tooth among the adults.
  • ¬†Dental Cancer: Dental or Oral cancer is a severe and serious disease which sometimes causes death to the people. Oral cancer can be noticed from common symptoms like ulcer and discoloration of tissue. This kind of dental disease affects the inner or outer part of oral parts like: mouth, lips and throat. Studies say that, a tobacco user has a high chance of getting oral cancer.
  • Mouth Sores: There are different types of sores like fever blisters, cold sores, ulcers, thrush and canker sores. Mouth sores can be irritating sometimes creating an inconvenience while consuming food.
  • Sensitivity Problem: IF there is pain and discomfort in your teeth while consuming sweets and cold drinks or ice creams then this is called teeth sensitivity.
  • Organ Diseases: There are many dental problems which causes organ diseases like:
    • The infection in the wisdom tooth causes heart disease.
    • The front teeth are one of the causes for kidney problems.
    • Removal of some bad teeth can cause severe arthritis.
    • Microbes originating from infected teeth and gums affect our organs very badly.


Professionally, dental care is costly but there are services that provide free dental care to the people and they are:

National Health Services (NHS).

Health Services Executive (HSE).

National Health Services (NHS): National Health Services provides free taxation to the people regarding their health services such as:

  • Hospital Services: They provide free medical facilities to the person including their medications, surgery and admission fee etc.
  • Primary Care: Under this primary care dentist, pharmacists and opticians provide an independent service to the people.
  • Community Services: These services include child welfare clinic, vaccination, ambulance services maternity and environmental health services for the people.

Health Services Executive (HSE): Health services executive also free schemes and services for free dental care they are:

  • Payment Arrangements Services: PCRS (Primary Care Reimbursement Service) is one of the parts of HSE who do all the payment arrangements to the dentist, general practitioners and community pharmacies.
  • Dental treatment Services Scheme (DTSS): Under this DTSS, the treatments and clinical process are arranged through treatments and full and lower dentures. All the expenditures which come under DTSS are paid by PCRS.

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