Wisdom teeth removal cost

It is wise to know how much you need to shell out to get rid of your wisdom teeth.

In case it’s for your little ones if you’re wondering how much wisdom teeth removal cost needs to be marked on your expenditure list then here you go:

You may be surprised to know that the cost of wisdom teeth extraction is higher for kids. As such any kind of operation on kids requires sensitive care. In case if the wisdom tooth hasn’t yet erupted it calls for more attention and care during surgery. For this purpose an ordinary dentist may not be able to give out the best results instead you need to look for a maxillofacial specialist.

Apart from the specialist who is going to perform the operation there could be a whole lot of other factors involved in the making of your final medical bill like the ones mentioned below:

  • Geographical location of the operation
  • Whether the surgery will be performed in a hospital or clinic
  • How many teeth need to be extracted?
  • The complexity of the teeth that need removal
  • Whether a maxillofacial or a dental surgeon is involved

Summing up the above factors you can expect an expenditure of $1000 to $2800 for your little one’s wisdom teeth removal. This includes the surgery fee, pre surgery tests and a post surgery consultation fee.

If you’re an adult then this is how you spend for your wisdom teeth removal:

If you’re blessed with a single wisdom tooth which is just erupting and needs a surgery in the conventional way then you can look forward to an expenditure of $350 – $400. If you opt to get your wisdom teeth removed a little later due to the orthodontic care needed it’s going to cost you more.

In case you need a wisdom tooth removal surgery as result of a weakening jawbone or if the tooth is infected with a disease it needs to be handled by maxillofacial specialist again increasing the cost up to three times the normal cost.

Taking into consideration the above factors when you sit to put down your budget for the operation it is advisable to have a second opinion on hand. When you compare it with the charges of two or three dentists you can settle down for the one that charges less for the same procedure and save yourself some bucks.

Just in case you turn out to be wiser ( especially with the onset of your wisdom teeth) and you happen to have a health insurance policy that covers oral surgery cost you may very well save some bucks in the form of  reimbursement or zero bill payment.

Discuss the approximate cost of the surgery with your dentist and check if the fee mentioned includes only the consultation and surgery cost or if it includes the overall expenses beginning from (full mouth and infected tooth) X-ray, surgery, and medicines to post surgery consultation.


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