Wisdom tooth extraction cost

A sneak peek into the factors that can determine the wisdom tooth extraction cost:

  • Wisdom tooth extraction cost varies depending on whether the surgery is for an adult or a kid. In case, of kids it‘s comparatively higher owing to the sensitive care that the process calls for.
  • The type of wisdom tooth is another crucial cost deciding factor. Undoubtedly the impacted tooth surgeries cost relatively higher than the usual simple erupted ones. In case of impacted wisdom tooth surgery in children it costs the highest as it can be performed best by a maxillofacial surgeon who charge higher compared to the next door dentist.
  • If the surgery is being done due to an infection caused in the gums with the onset of the wisdom tooth, the cost can increase considerably. If the condition is left unchecked the infection can propagate to the jaw leaving behind severe pain.  And with the increase in pain you’ll forcibly have to increase your spending on the surgery later.
  • If you’re a woman and if your face conscious it is obvious that you have decided upon a wisdom tooth surgery as a precaution to misalignment of the jawbone as a result of the onset of new teeth ,which can make you look a little odd. Now the aesthetic purpose of the surgery calls for a reputed surgeon who might also be treating celebs in the fashion industry or other high profile patients. This factor alone can make the cost of the surgery shoot up.
  • The experience and success rate of the doctor performing the surgery decides his consultation and surgery fee.  Besides, if you opt for surgery at a clinic where you’re local dentist summons upon another qualified surgeon then this can double up the cost up to 2 or 3 times the normal extraction charges.
  • When you notice the eruption of a wisdom tooth which is causing pain or any other noticeable change it calls for immediate medical attention and might further lead to a surgery. If left unchecked for whatever reason the condition of the tooth or teeth may worsen relatively increasing the wisdom tooth extraction cost.
  • The procedure involved in the removal process also to some extent varies the overall cost of the surgery.
  • Having said all these above I am sure your crossing your fingers and looking out for the exact nos. for the surgery. To get the exact figures you need to check with the dentist himself as it varies from place to place. But on an average your likely to spend anywhere between $100 to $400 per tooth for surgical extraction. In case of impaction it can range between $250 – $450 per tooth.
  • In case your finding the surgical cost a bit taxing it is best advised to take up a health insurance that will at least partly take care of your oral surgery expenses. Today the insurance industry designs policies at the drop of a hat and so you can choose from a wide variety of policies that cater to your needs.

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