Cost of Teeth Implants

Teeth implants are high-tech in nature and are essentially tooth-saving tooth works. Teeth implants do not need to depend on the adjacent teeth for sustain its support. They are better than traditional bridges and dentures. Teeth implants can last for a life time if maintained properly. Teeth implants procedure have been successful in many cases and because of its high success rate in the field of prosthetic surgery, many people are turning to it in spite of its pricey nature.

What are the Types of Teeth Implants Available?

There are basically two types of implants available for teeth implant. This are-

  • Endosteal tooth implants- Endosteal implants is a procedure where various implant materials are incorporated in the jaw bone. It is the most common type of teeth implants that uses implant materials such as blades, screws and cylinders to support the prosthetic teeth. Mostly used on patients with dentures or bridges.
  • Subperiosteal implant- Subperiosteal implants are used in case a person has smallest bone height or if the person is unable to put on usual dentures. They are placed over the jaw bone supported by a metal post that protrudes through the gums. Prosthetic teeth are held by the metal frames.

Teeth implants cost is the matter of concern for many people and this is certainly stopping majority of the people from accessing to its availability. The total cost of teeth implants cost depends on several cost factors.

Tooth Implant Procedure usually Comprises of the Following Steps-

  • Bone lifting or grafting at the extraction site (if it is required).
  • Positioning of the teeth implant.
  • Placing of the teeth implant metal posts or abutment.
  • Placing of the implant crown on the metal framework.

The cost of the implants thus depends on the severity of each specific step. These are the following procedures that may determine the teeth implants cost.

  • Primary consultation: Dental implants are very sensitive procedures and therefore require a precise and accurate examination of the patient’s dental conditions. The surgeon will first of all evaluate the present condition of the teeth and the gums. Advanced technologies such as intraoral and ultrasound X-rays are used. Based on the severity of the case, a patient may need a number of visits. The costs of the implants can be higher depending on the amount of laboratory works and diagnosis procedures. It you have a dental insurance plans, than some percent of your cost can be covered.
  • Necessary treatments –bone grafting/sinus lifts: These are carried out in case the patient has insufficient bone condition like height, depth etc.  If the bone depth at the implant site is not adequate, a doctor may suggest bone grafting. Likewise, a low sinus cavity would need a sinus lift. These treatments carry extra charges.
  • Titanium screw- This can cost more based on the number of teeth. A single titanium screw will be lesser than a number of screws.

Crowns and abutment: The crown can also cost depending on the site of the teeth like front or molar teeth. Costs can be higher depending on the number of crowns. Abutment cost depends on its quality- customized or standard.

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