Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants march into cosmetic dentistry to fill those gaps and help you to smile more beautifully. However, the cost involved in the dental implants is keeping it away from the availability. Dental implants may sound quite an easy procedure but the dental implants can be really costly as well as painful too.

The actual dental implant procedure involves two steps-

  • Placement of the dental  implant ( 3 to 6 months of healing period) and
  • Restoration of the implant that is construction of the crown over the implant.

The dental implants cost is determined by-

  • Physical condition of the patient:  The overall factors such as age, oral condition or anatomy of the jaw bone may determine if the patient requires any extra treatments or not. These treatments may include bone grafting or sinus lift etc.
  • The type of the dental implant:  The price of the dental crown etc.
  • Digital imaging: Advanced imaging technologies such as CT s or x-rays used for precise course can be more expensive.
  • Location of the tooth:  If the tooth is visible and then it may require anesthetic specialist who will charge more than a general implant dentist.
  • Complexity of the implant: In complex cases more work time is required so the charge can be more.

Dental implants cost can increase greatly if a patient requires extra implant procedures such as bone-grafting or sinus adjustment procedure.

If there is bone –grafting in the implant, then the cost may be higher depending on the density of the bone etc. other than that the factors that determines the dental implants cost include jaw shape and the number of teeth needed for implantation.

Immediate implant can be done in around 10 to 15 minutes and is less costly than the permanent extensive damage. It is carried out to bring back the damaged teeth to its normal condition. The duration of time can be around 2 weeks or lesser. In this dental implant procedure teeth can be positioned easily, hence it requires less time and less money.

Dental implant costs can be extremely costly in some cases. In order to get a correct package, you can do a bit research in the internet or else pay a visit to a trustable dentist and inquire about the affordable implant services available for you. The best way to find out a high-quality dental implant service with low costs is to visit dental schools. These dental schools are known to offer affordable high-quality teeth implant services.

Even most of the dental insurances do not fully covers the cost of the implants. If they do so, the plans generally cover only 50% of the procedure cost. Dental implants cost can also vary greatly depending on the type of the procedures performed and the amount of work necessary in the implant procedure.

Dental insurance can lessen the cost of the implants. Without the insurance plans it is impossible for most of the patient to afford for dental implantation. Dental implantation is not a quick procedure. The dentists need to have a thorough examination and evaluation of the patient’s tooth as well as health status. Many things need to be considered before the implantation. Therefore, a patient may require several visits and sessions to complete the implant.

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