How Mini Dental Implants are Done?

There are basically two types of dental implants based on the diameter and they are standard implants and mini implants.  Dental implants done with small diameters are called mini dental implants (MDIs). It is also called Small Diameter Implants (SDIs) or Narrow Body Implants (NDIs). The diameter will be not more than 3 millimeters in MDIs.  In most of the cases, the cost of the mini implant will be not even quarter of the conventional implant cost. In the case of orthodontics, small implants are utilized as anchors and called TAD (temporary anchorage devices).  Unitek TAD could be the best example when it comes to TADs.

How it is done?

–          The patient is given a local anesthesia. The mini dental implants are placed without making use of a flap and the procedure will be minimally invasive, which is the major difference between MDI and traditional dental implant where a bone graft, flap etc are required.

–          A group of MDIs are together used for the purpose of securing a denture.

–          Just like the conventional dental implant procedure, a small hole will be drilled before installing the implant. This hole is called ‘pilot hole’.

The Design of MDIs

There are various lengths in which the mini dental implants are offered with the diameter ranging from 1.8 millimeters to 2.9 millimeters. The strength of dental implant pull out is proportional to the length of implants. There is a wide array of varieties offered when it comes to head, body, thread and tip designs of the implant. The tip will usually be sharp with a slight blunt. This design of the tip will offer the ability of self tapping to the implant via medullary bone. In addition, the blunted design also offers an advantage of maintaining the bone compression. Both thread design as well spacing varies according to the thickness of the implant. There are three types of designs offered like very dense (D1), dense (D2) and soft (D3), based on the density. The initial stability can be enhanced with the help of elements with aforementioned designs. These choices will be decided over the density of the bone in the area where the implant has to take place.

Uses of MDIs

Mini dental implants are very much useful for the people with weak lower dentures, as it will offer a solution to stick them to the right spot. It is witnessed that most of the patients are suffering with resorbed bones in jaw and in such case the MDI treatment procedure should be standard. The healing time in MDIs is remarkably less when compared to that of the conventional dental implants. The reason is that in this case the dentist will not work on periosteum. It is done to offer a temporary support to the denture.  The unfortunate fact here is that most of the insurance providers will not offer coverage for dental implants. MDIs will be done in all clinics offering dental implant treatment. You can take advantage of the local private dental associations offering information regarding dentists and clinics offering mini dental implants treatment.

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