How Much Do Dental Implants Cost for an Effective Implant!

Dental implants are very expensive when considered to the other types of tooth replacement treatments. However, dental implants are highly productive. Therefore, many people are choosing dental implants procedures over dentures and bridges, when it comes to teeth restoration.

What Dental Implants can do for you?

  • Dental implants can replace one single teeth or a number of mouthful teeth for you without affecting your neighboring adjacent teeth.
  • Dental implants can support your dentures and bridges without a need to remove your dentures.
  • Dental implants provide great support to your previous dentures and make it more safe, secure and comfortable.
  • Dental implants can renew your confidence level which might have lost due to lost teeth.

Dental implants provide you real, natural looking teeth.

Factors that will determine how much do dental implants cost-

  • DENTAL IMPLANT CASE– The dental implant is whether a mini implants or a regular implant. The location of the teeth, whether it is deep inside the mouth like a molar or it is easily visible like fronts. The number of dental implant, it is a single implant or a line, mouthful implant.
  • POPULARITY OF THE SURGEON– A professional, experienced and skilled dental surgeon fees can be heavy. The quality of the surgeon plays an important factor too. A local general dentist may charge lesser fees when compared to a skilled, dental specialist.
  • LOCATION OF THE IMPLANT– Depending on the type of the dental office, implants cost can increase successively. A well-known medical office will charge more than a simple, small dentist centre.
  • IMPLANT EQUIPMENTS– Most of the famous dental clinics are equipped with latest technologies such as CT scan, Ultrasound x-rays etc. The use of these machines for imaging and diagnosis are expensive. Even during the implant procedure, the instruments used for sterilizations and disinfections are well advanced to provide highest safety to the patient. Concerning all these factors, a surgeon can hike his price for the implant.
  • IMPLANT MATERIALS– This is one of the factors for the cost of dental implants. Materials used for supporting such as metal titanium screws, blades or cylinders can vary depending on the quality and standard of the manufacturer brand. The metal frameworks or abutment posts can add additional cost to your treatment. Titanium is the widely used material that ensures reliability, superior quality and durability. These titanium metals does not corrode or decay and can last for a lifetime. It also causes no side-effects or reactions. The high quality titanium material is why the dental implants cost so much.
  • PRE-IMPLANT TREATMENTS– Some patient may require pre-treatment prior to the implant procedure such as bone grafting and sinus lifting. They are carried out if case the patient does not have enough bone to support the implant or if the bone is too low.
  • INSURANCE POLICIES– Without an insurance plans it is not possible for many people to go for teeth implants. Insurance companies usually do not cover dental costs. If they do so, only about 40 to 50 % of the expense is covered by them. If your dental costs are covered by your insurance plans, then the cost on the initial consultations and examinations can be reduced to a great extent.

After knowing exactly how much do dental implants cost and why, you can now determine its cost when you plan for your next dental implant.

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