The Benefits of Bone Graft for Dental Implant

Nowadays, dental implant is the best choice of many people when it comes to an alternative to bridges and dentures. The bone graft for dental implant is used to replace or restore the missing tooth. Some people, who are not much knowledgeable of dental implants, will be quite worried when the dentist advises employing bone graft. Moreover, when they hear the term ‘surgery’, it seems like a complicated ordeal for these people.

Why bone graft is needed?

The implants are nothing but the screws, which will be carefully installed over the jaw. Once the tissues surrounding these screws starts cooperating and healing well, then the patient will be having a perfect platform to get the tooth without any compromise in its natural look. The dentist will have a right idea about the exact structure of the bone that still exists. In some cases, the patient would have lost the major portion of this bone resulting in lack of providing a stable foundation. Some dentists will also remove the existing bone if it is caught by an infection. The infection could spread to other bones and hence it will be better to remove the bone using some simple techniques.

However, bone graft for dental implant surgery will be done even for the people with jaw bones weakened by dental infections. What have made the bone grafting method stay ahead is the latest dental techniques.

Bone grafting is a method, wherein the existing jaw bones will be treated for proper growth so that it can provide a perfect basement for the implant. There are both synthetic as well as natural means available for stimulating the bone graft for dental implant. The dentist will offer guidance for the patients in order to find out the right mean to grow the jaw bone. There are also some other alternatives as follows:

–          One of the common ways for bone grafting is collecting the jaw bone from the patient’s mouth and bringing up grafting with same bone so that it can be reused during implantation.

–          In some patients, bone grafting will be done using synthetic materials. Even the blood factor of the patient will be used for accelerating and promoting the bone graft for dental implant.

–          If there is not much jaw bone present behind the back teeth to hold the implant quite comfortably, then the dentists will lift the sinuses in order for inserting the necessary bone inside sinus chambers. It will help in developing the right structure and safeguard the implants.

–          There are some special cases in which the bone from one part of the patient’s body will be taken and used for bone grafting in mouth. In most of the cases, the dentists prefer hip bone for dental grafting.

However, all the above methods are done for a same reason, which is to develop healthy jaw bone for supporting the dental implant. The procedures of bone graft for dental implant will not take more than six months to complete. In the standard process, the dentist will make use of some screws to fit these implants to the bone.

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