What are the Best Tooth Replacement Options?

The great news for people, who have lost their teeth, is that they can get it back by making use of any tooth replacement options. Replacing missing teeth is quite necessary for various reasons as given below:

–          It could improve the appearance of a person.

–          To maintain the dental health of a person.

–          To eliminate the hesitation while opening the mouth in public.

Implants, bridges and dentures are three tooth replacement treatments available today for replacing a missing or broken tooth. When you are planning to make the most of any of these medications, the dentist will educate you about the procedures you need to undergo. The kind of treatment will very much depend on the needs or convenience of an individual.

The Goal of Tooth Replacement Options

The performance of the whole set of teeth will be affected by a missing tooth. It could cause the other teeth to drift or tilt into gaps. You will even face a difficulty while eating, as the food will be trapped into free spaces. This will in turn increase the possibility of developing gum disease and tooth decay. If you have lost significant number of teeth, then your appearance and speech will be highly affected by the saggy facial muscles. All these problems can be avoided as soon as you get your tooth replaced by any tooth replacement option. The tooth or teeth replaced will be well matching with the color and quality of other teeth as well.

Brief explanation about different tooth replacement options available today


In this case, removable metal frameworks or plastics will be used to carry the false teeth. There are various types of dentures like Temporary Dentures, Partial Dentures and Full Dentures available according to the individual needs. Before undergoing any form of denture, you should be aware of the realistic expectation of denture. It will take much time for you to get used to them. You should brush the remaining teeth on regular basis, may be twice a day. You should use some soap prescribed by tooth replacement options and a soft brush for cleaning the fixed denture after a meal or drink. You should not forget to remove your denture and place it in the prescribed solution before you sleep. You should keep the denture away from hot water and any bleach. You will experience discomfort or irritation once your denture gets older or worn out.


If you have lost just a tooth or two, then the dentists will often recommend you to make use of the bridge. All that the dentist will do here is place a false tooth in the place of missing tooth. Porcelain or some other metals will be usually used to make these bridges.

Dental Implants

Dental implant is one of the common ways of replacing the missing or damaged tooth. This is one of tooth replacement options, where the implant will be screwed to the jaw bone to offer a perfect basement. Later, the bridges or dentures will be perfectly installed over these implants.

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