What Do Mini Dental Implants Cost?

Mini dental implants are for the people who are looking for an alternative to traditional dental implants. Mini dental implants cost will be considerably low when compared to conventional dental implant cost. However, mini implants are used only in situations when the location for the implant to fit is quite narrow. Mini implants are usually done to replace incisors and smaller teeth. It is very necessary to maintain the oral health of the people suffering from loss of tooth or teeth.

When will it be done?

Mini dental implants will not be done for every case of lost tooth. You cannot get it done just for a reason that mini dental implants cost is low. Given below are some areas where mini implants are employed to regain teeth.

–          Loss of small teeth

–          Damage or missing front teeth

–          To replace pre-molars

–          To restore or replace teeth found in a compact area

In some cases, mini implants will be employed in order for sticking the dentures to a particular spot. Thus, it provides efficient and trustworthy way for securing them over substances that can make dentures dislocate. The dentures fixed using mini implants will offer a great comfort while speaking, eating and of course while smiling.

Size of Mini Dental Implants

Just like the mini dental implants cost, even the size of the mini implants is low. To be specific, the size of mini implants will be half of the size of implants used in conventional implant surgeries. It all depends on a toothpick’s diameter. In case of patients suffering from major bone loss, where conventional dental implants procedures will not be the right solution, mini dental implants will turn out to be advantageous.

Traditional Dental Implants vs Mini Dental Implants

In addition to cost, there are some more differences between a conventional dental implant surgery and a mini dental implant surgery.

–          The diameter of implants used in mini dental implant surgery will not be even half of the diameter of implant used in a conventional or traditional implant surgery.

–          No screws are employed in mini dental implants

–          There is no need for grafting in some rare cases of implant malfunction

–          In mini dental implants surgery, the procedure is short, healing is faster and invasiveness is less

Mini dental implants for partial and loose dentures

Since mini dental implants cost is affordable, even people facing partial and loose dentures are taking advantage of them for extra stability. It is also often suggested by many dentists. The mini implant used in these cases is a single piece with no option for other components to be screwed over it. The implant will have a small portion, which is usually ball-shaped, to attach to the gums. Some problems like popping out, movement, using messy adhesives etc, will not be witnessed when it comes to mini implants. The dentures will be very well safeguarded by gum tissue, and the housing that the implants are connected with, will avoid clicking and slipping.

Hence, mini dental implants cost is not the only advantage why you need to undergo mini dental implant surgery when necessary.

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