What to Expect from a Dental Implant Procedure?

The entire procedure that you go through when you undergo dental implant is called dental implant procedure. There are two main stages of dental implant treatment called dental implant surgery and implant restoration. The minimum period of this treatment is three months, and it could go up to nine months in some cases including the healing time.

Dental Implant Surgery

This is the first step of dental implant procedure.  Given below are the steps how dental implant surgery will be done:

–          A local anesthesia will be given to the area surrounding where the dental implant has to be done. The soft tissues surrounding the will be carefully separated to locate the jaw bone. This spot will be marked for drilling a hole (osteotomy) and later the diameter of the hole will be carefully widened to make the tooth look a little bigger.

–          The dentist will use a metal screw to insert into jaw bone. The screw inserted will settle inside the bone and hence, it will not be visible. Later, the abutment will be perfectly screwed to the screw inserted and the abutment is what will be visible finally. As a part of esthetic purpose, the dentist will give a temporary covering for the abutment.

–          The flap will be carefully stitched. Dental implant surgery could last just for an hour if there is no inconvenience witnessed.

Once this part of dental implant procedure is successfully done, the next episode of treatment to undergo is implant restoration.

Implant Restoration

It takes some time for the implant restoration to begin.  This kind of treatment could be effective within six to nine months depending upon the healing rate of an individual. Once the dentist finds the implant well settled into jaw bone, then he will take further steps to fix the permanent crown. The permanent crown will be fixed over the abutment. Materials to build the crown will be used in such a way that it goes well matching with other teeth.

However, the good thing about the dental implant procedure is that it is quite easy. The anatomy of the jaw bone will decide the employment of a bone graft or a sinus lift. The bone graft will be used if there is a necessity for extra support to implant. The thickness of the sinus membrane is the deciding factor when it comes to utility of sinus lift. Other health difficulties that the patient is suffering from could also play a role in incrementing the treatment duration. Since the jaw bone of some patients will even take a year to grow, there is no fixed treatment duration when it comes to implant restoration.

There are also some cases wherein the dentists have restored dental implants soon after the placement surgery. This is called ‘immediate loading’, wherein the patients will be gifted with new tooth within a day. Dental implant complications are rare to witness. All that is important here is the ability of the dentist and quality dental implant procedure.

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