Why are Tooth Implants so Costly?

Tooth implants are better than dentures as they do not twist or slip like dentures. Tooth implants cost is a luxurious tooth treatment you can have. Tooth implants can last for a long time for about 15 -20 years. But these can extent for longer time depending on the person’s oral hygiene and how he takes care of his tooth after the implant.  It is also very easy to maintain than other types of teeth replacing procedures.

What exactly is Tooth Implant?

Tooth implant is the type tooth replacement procedure where an artificial tooth (root) is placed in to the jaw bone. The prosthetic tooth is supported by a titanium metal screw which is incorporated into the jaw bone and they are allowed to combine with the bone. Then it is left for several months to let the screw fuse with the bone.

Tooth implants are the right choice for people who have lost their teeth or tooth because of some accident, injury or gum diseases.

What are the Benefits of Tooth Implants over other Tooth Procedures?

Tooth implants cost is high but still many people go for tooth implants because of the benefits they get from it. Unlike, other tooth replacement procedures, tooth implants do not necessarily affect the surrounding teeth. So there is no need of involving any adjacent teeth. The implants are very tough and do not twist at any point. It is a tooth-saving process. Implants can boost your confidence to speak, smile or eat. Most importantly, tooth implants are very dependable and consistent. It does not make you feel that you have lost a tooth. Implants give you a natural looking tooth.

Tooth Implants Cost- Is it Effective?

With the advent of new advanced and sophisticated technologies and instruments, tooth implants cost will surely come down. Though tooth implants are reliable, they are costly too. So it is impossible for a normal middle- class family man to afford it unless there are insurance plans for tooth implants. However, cost of tooth implants can depend on several factors. Some of the factors are discussed below.

 A number of teeth require to be replaced: This can directly affect the cost of the implants. If you need to replace more number of teeth, then it is for sure that your bill can come up heavily. An expense of a single tooth can be much lower than fixing a number of teeth which can be as high as several dollars. Also the whole renewal of the teeth can cost you very much.

Cost of dental specialist: Cost of tooth implants highly depends on the quality of the practitioner. Therefore, it is wise to do research prior to implants. You can visit several medical or dental clinics and search for the low-priced treatments offered there. You can look for the cheapest rates provided by the dental clinics. There are some dental centre which offers free dental consultations on tooth implants procedures and its cost. A trained, experienced surgeon is more likely to charge more than the less experienced dentist. Therefore, choosing a dental surgeon can be one of the cost factors.

Other factors which determine the cost of tooth implants include additional treatments, dental insurance, implant materials used and some dental related problems that need to be solved prior to the treatment.

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