Why Do Dental Implants Cost So Much?

Dental implants become necessary when we lose our teeth because of certain reasons. Whether it is because of old age or disease or due to broken teeth caused by accidents, it affects the overall personality of an individual. A lost tooth can lower the self esteem and confidence and can make a person look older than he or she actually is. With a missing or broken tooth, it can be embarrassing to smile.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

Dental implant is usually a metal screw made up of titanium which is positioned in the jawbone. This supports a false tooth. Dental implantations costly because a lot of hard work is required by the dental implant team. It is not a quick and simple procedure and requires an enormous amount of time for planning and executing the procedure. Further getting into the procedure a broad evaluation of the patient is needed. The materials that are employed in the dental implantations expensive too and plus there are extra costs involved with the laboratory and procedure fees.

The cost of the implants can be split into two separate professional dentists. This cost can involve the initial positioning of the metal titanium (implants) into the jaw to the cost of setting up the crowns and a false tooth to the titanium (implants). These implant procedures may be performed by the two individual dentists, consequently the two separate fees.

So a patient has to pay a visit to the dentists for several procedures and for every visit the dentist will require to pay for his team or staff. All of this expense will be included in your total price which has to pay by you. To reduce your cost on the dental implants you can opt for few options accessible to make the implant less expensive. Such as dental tourism that is travelling abroad for the implantations that are performed at a lesser cost and dental insurance plans where your expenses are covered by the insurance policies.

Types of dental implants:

  • Endosteal implants: It is the most widely used dental implants and it is an ideal choice for people with dentures or bridges. There are different types of endosteal – blades, cylinders and screws.
  • Subperiosteal implants: These kinds of implants are for patients who cannot wear a usual denture.

There are several factors associated with the cost of the implant procedures. These factors are discussed below-

  • Type of dental implantation: whether it is an immediate replacement implant or an extensive implant procedure. Immediate replacement procedure can be quick and less costly when compared to an extensive one.
  • Quality of the dentist performing the implantation: The type of the doctor can also increase the dental implants cost. If the doctor is a highly experienced professional in dental implants, then the procedure is going to be an expensive one. But choosing a trained dentist can ensure you a comfortable and functional implant. Though you may require a several visits and in the process the dentist will need to cover his own as well as his staff’s expenses.
  • The area or location of the implant: The location of the teeth to be implanted also determines the costs of the implantation. Some areas of the jaw can be harder so the dentist have to spend extra time and work for attaching the implant. This can cost you a lot more.
  • Materials used in the implant: Type of materials used in the implant can also cost you more. Mostly used metals are blades, screws or cylinders.
  • Cost for any additional procedures: If you need to carry out extra procedures such as bone grafting, sinus adjustments etc, then the cost can go higher.
  • Dental insurance of the patient: A dental insurance can lessen your dental implants costs.
  • Number of sessions required: Depending on the type of the implant you may need to visit the dentists for several procedures. With increased sessions, the cost can also get higher.


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