Can a Toothache be Related to Being Sick or a Physical illness?

Toothache is one of the most common pains encountered by the people. Toothache is caused mostly because of a dental or tooth cavity. A dental cavity can caused decayed tooth. Decayed tooth can lead to abscess formation later. Abscess is a severe form of toothache. In case of pulp infection and damage the tooth need to be removed. Root canal treatment is done where the tooth can be saved.

A deep decayed tooth can result in abscess teeth and gums. Abscess causes Periodontitis, severe infection of the teeth and the gums. Jaw infections and disease can also cause sharp toothache like symptoms.

Toothache can be chronic or acute it can range from mild to excruciating pain. The pain may be aggravated by chewing or drinking of cold or hot foods and drinks.

Can a toothache be related to being sick?

Yes. Toothache can be related to being sick. Toothache can cause other body sickness and pain such as fever, body pain, muscle pain, headaches, and swollen glands in the neck, sinuses, mouth sores, jaw pains, abscess, gum diseases, bitter taste in the mouth, cold like flu, dry mouth, oral cancer, tooth sensitivity and stinky breath (halitosis).

When the infection spreads to your mouth, teeth or gums toothache can show up in different disease symptoms. Tooth infections can appear as flu or cold like symptoms too. Headaches are common in toothaches. This illness may not come often but when it comes you may have other symptoms too.

Toothache is merely a symptom of being sick. It can cause sore throat, swelling of the gums, neck glands and muscle pains. There is a dull or sharp pain on the head or jaw bones. Toothache cause by abscess formation can spread to oral parts of the mouth. Ulcers can break open and release more bacteria. If the infection spreads to the throat, it can cause throat infections.

Abscess can further spread to other parts of the body like jaw bones and heart. It can result in systemic infection.

Can a Toothache be related to being sick and malaise?

Toothache can be related to general body malaise. Chronic toothache can cause pain and stress in the body. It can take a heavy toll on the body. Chronic and persistent toothache can be a sign of chronic fatigue too. A person often feels tired, stressed and fatigue. Toothache can deprive a person of sleep and this can cause increased malaise in the body.

An abscess can cause severe gum disease called as Periodontitis, resulting in pocket formation. These pockets can accumulate bacteria and plague. In response to the bacterial toxins, body will release its immune complexes. This continued fighting against bacterial toxin can make the body tired. Therefore, increased tiredness during tooth pain can be a sign of some other serious infection in the body.

Toothache and heart diseases:

Toothache can sometimes indicate a serious heart disease (heart attack). Infections of the ears such as inner or outer infections and sinuses can also cause toothache. Toothache can be due to nerve ailments too (neuralgias).

Toothache may be a sign of sinuses infection too. An inflamed sinus cavity can cause continuous tooth pain. Your toothache can be worsening by eating or lying down.

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