Dental Crown Procedure- How is it done?

The dental crown procedure consists of two main stages and they are the preparation stage and the seating stage.

The preparation stage

This is the beginning of the dental crown treatment. To get some space for a new crown, all sides of the tooth including the roof will be reduced. This is also the reason behind filling and removal of any decay.

Building up a crown

When you are given with the bill for the crown, it means that you need to pay for the process of building up a crown. Once removing any decay is done, the tooth will suffer significant amount of tooth structure loss and its shape will also look odd. The process of building up a crown in a dental crown procedure is quite similar to that of filling, as both are done to regain the shape of the original tooth.

The mold or impression will be taken from the tooth sent to the dental lab as a primary stage of a dental crown procedure. The mold is what actually used in order to give a right shape for the identical model that is used to fabricate a crown. A temporary crown is used before building up a final permanent dental crown. It will be cemented to the right spot with the help of temporary cement. It will be left for 2 or 3 weeks till the final crown is ready to be placed. A temporary crown will offer a few advantages like reducing the tooth sensitivity, preventing fractures and maintaining space between consecutive teeth. You should follow certain rules when you are using temporary dental crowns and they are as follows:

  • Avoid chewing hard and sticky things
  • Be careful while flossing the area surrounding temporary crown
  • Always watch the position of the crown before sleeping and after waking up
  • If it dislocates or falls down, you need not have to worry if you are having an appointment with the dentist pretty soon. Otherwise, you need to quickly contact your dentist.
  • You can also feel free to get a temporary crown replaced if it causing some sort of discomfort including high sensitiveness, pain etc.
  • Make sure to choose the right color of crown

The seating stage

This is the final stage of a dental crown procedure. As the name itself suggests, the permanent crown will be seated to the spot where the temporary crown was placed. Some required adjustments are done with respect to the position of the crown and permanent cement is used for planting the permanent crown. These crowns will be perfectly designed by the dentists in allocated labs. The procedure will be much easier, if the dentist employs some latest tools like CEREC, CAM or CAD milling machines. The unfortunate fact is that these tools are employed in the procedure only by costly dental cares. However, what matters here the most is the materials used for making these crowns. The materials for making these crowns will be decided based on the severity of dental infection and aesthetic reasons during a dental crown procedure.

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