Facts and Remedies on Receeding Gum Line

Receeding gum line condition is normally seen in people who are over the age of 40 years, being said that gum recession should not be attributed to age itself.  It is a condition that can happen to anyone.  It is also to be noted that this condition would not occur in itself overnight.

What are the warning signs of having receeding gum line?

Receeding gums happen gradually; this condition generally goes unnoticed by a lot of people. However, you could check and curb the same with the following tips:

  • Sensitivity – If you tend to experience sensitivity in your teeth, i.e., have a sensation of sweetness, sourness, in your teeth, then automatically conclude that your gum line is beginning to recede.
  • Longer teeth – If you seem to observe that your teeth are getting longer than they used to be, it is a clear cut sign that you are facing a problem of receeding gum line.
  • Teeth discoloration – Another symptom of receeding gum line is teeth discoloration.  If you have the above mentioned symptoms, and in addition to it you have receeding gum line too, then be prepared to have a receeding gum line.
  • Cavities – If you notice cavity build up just below your gum line, it also indicates that you are about to get a visible unattractive receeding gum line.
  • Bad breath – If you tend to have bad breath, coupled with any of the above mentioned conditions, then you can be sure that you are about to face the receeding gum line problem.

How can you get rid of the receeding gum line problem?

Oral hygiene – Maintaining a good oral hygiene is a prerequisite in combating with the receeding gum line problem.

Toothbrush abrasion – The dentists recommend soft bristled toothbrush as harsh brushing would eventually lead to receeding gum lines. Also, avoid brushing your teeth vigorously.  This would eventually make your teeth susceptible for retreating gum lines.

Get medical help on gum diseases – If you have got a gum disease, get medical help, for it at the earliest or you may get a receeding gum line problem too sooner or later.

Disorganized teeth – People, who have disorganized or misaligned teeth, are more prone to get plaque buildup in their gum lines. These could be corrected by your dentist with the help of your braces.  There are other different treatments also available these days to correct the misaligned teeth which could lead to receeding gum line problem.

Self diagnosis – Do not diagnose your problem on your own, self diagnosis for the problem of receeding gum line is another major thing that should be avoided.

Shunning down receeding gum line:

Though self diagnosis is not recommended but there is no harm also in trying a concoction right at your home to combat the problem:

Rose red wine vinegar as mouthwash – To make a mouth wash out of rose petals is easy, and is also quite effective technique to strengthen your gum muscles naturally. Gather some fresh rose petals and pour red wine vinegar on it and keep it in a jar overnight.  Add this concoction daily to a glass of warm water and rinse everyday as you use a mouth wash.

All said and done, it is best to consult a dentist for this condition of receeding gum line.

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