Get your smile back with veneers, before and after – so notice the difference yourself!

What wont we do for our smile to be like the stars, that it can capture hearts with little effort, that later our pictures will be our eulogy? Smile catches the eye, and even if we do notice the face at the first sight, but a dazzling smile can well, dazzle people. A bright bubbly smile with clean, white straight teeth can be a pleasure to see and show off both ways. Mean while people with crocked or stained teeth, even chipped often don’t smile to their fullest and try to remain hidden behind the camera. Sometimes, procedures done by cosmetic dentists can help you obtain that naturally perfect smile, but at times, things can go slightly wrong and the end result can end up making you look fake. Due to all the technological advancements, modern day dentistry can help you get the natural look rather than fake through cosmetic dentistry.

And experienced and good cosmetic dentist is one who has extensive training and know how in the latest technology available and techniques to use ceramics, porcelain and lumineers To get a perfect smile, there is more than just porcelain, natural looking veneers need to artistically shaped and have to be three dimensional so that the best result is obtained. The dentist often works along with a ceramist and produces thin porcelain shells which are able to fit snugly on a persons tooth.

Porcelain veneers need to be customized according to each patient, as no two people have the same tooth structure, and making veneers is not as simple as making some flat two dimensional squares. The veneers need to have the same color, same shape, even the same character of the owners teeth. But the magic of veneers, before and after the difference is evident. The dentist takes minute things into account, like the roundness of the teeth as well.

With veneers, before and after, you can see tiny difference which has a humongous effect on your look.The gaps vanish and all your irregular teeth can be straight and aligned. Large gaps can create a dark space in someones otherwise very white smile, and this catches peoples attention, veneers can be used here to cover this gap up, they also help in whiffing some teeth which may be too small, word down or have a defect in one way or the other.

As compared to the veneers made in the past, modern day veneers can be much more durable, flexible and even be very thin, you need around 0.33mm thickness to make your veneers be strong and reliable. Such thin thickness means that very little part of the patients tooth will be removed so that veneer can be fit on to the tooth. At times while putting the veneers some patients don’t need to get teeth grinding at all.

Through your veneers will be pretty stain resistant, but even they can not stand in front of heavy coffee drinkers and chain smokers. But the best part is that they can be easily taken out and then altered whenever required.

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