Make your Child’s Teeth Whiter and Stronger! Dentistry for Children!

Just like in adults in infants it is very important to handle dental problems with utmost care. A Pediatric dentist or a periodontist is a professional whose field of specialization is dentistry for children, proving aid and support to your kids overall dental development. They also advise parents about the steps and measures they should take so that their child has a proper oral hygiene. They inform parents about the various preventive measures they should take so that they can avoid serious dental problems for their child, like the formation of plaque.

Before such serious problems arise, here are few tips from periodontist on Dentistry for children:

  • Teeth Cleaning: As early as 4 months after your baby is born, you may see the primary teeth erupting. After breast feeding it is advised that you should clean your baby’s teeth with a clean and soft cloth, you should do this even after feeding your child or when he is drinking from a bottle. When two or more teeth have erupted, it is time to take a children’s soft bristled tooth brush and clean your child’s teeth gently, you have to make sure that the tooth brush is not too strong for your child. Just like in adults, the parents are supposed to change their child’s tooth brush after every 2 to 3 months of usage. A child has to learn how to brush on his own. As you already know, plaque is generally formed by acid and sweets, food and such material when left between your child’s teeth; especially the areas which will be difficult to reach by the brush are attacked and result is tooth decay. Hence a parent should teach their children the importance of brushing after they eat.
  • Dental Visit by your child’s first birthday: A very important part in the dentistry for children is their first visit, it is strongly advisable to make the first detail visit by the age of one, this makes children get familiarized with their dentist and dental clinic. Depending on your child’s dental condition and the way they react, parents should make dental appointments to follow up the first visit.
  • Dental Sealants: They can be applied as early as the eruption of teeth, and are used to protect your child’s teeth as fillers. They seal up the possible space for the plaque to attack.
  • Mouth Wash and Dental Floss: Again, like adults, even children need to floss their teeth regularly so that there is no plaque in between their teeth. It is advised that by the age of six a child should be taught how to floss and should inculcate the habit of regularly flossing his teeth. By the age of seven you child should start using mouth wash so as to avoid plaque and unpleasant breath. But you should only buy an alcohol free mouth wash, as the alcohol can also harm your child’s teeth.

Dentistry for children instructs parents on how to fight and avoid various dental problems like plaque and cavities. A Periodontist supports the development of your child’s teeth from the time when the first tooth erupts to adolescence.

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