Tips on How to Stop Bleeding Gums

Before we get on to the question of how to stop bleeding gums, let us first know what causes a bleeding gum? A bleeding gum could be a result of or an indication of some ailment like leukemia or some bleeding disorder. A bleeding gum is quite a serious condition.  If you have a bleeding gum, in your gum line you would have a red line of blood appearing.

It is with age that the gums also tend to recede and also get weakened, making the teeth fall out.  The visible causes for a bleeding gum would be some kind of an injury,   or some inflammation or else some infection in the gums.

Useful information on how to stop bleeding gums:

Ice – Ice baby! –  If you tend to experience bleeding gum problem, you may directly apply some ice on to your teeth.

Drink Cool! – Drinking cold drinks with ice is another alternative to answer the question of how to stop bleeding gums.  Bleeding gums are a serious condition.  Therefore if you experience bleeding gums problem, immediately turn towards things which are cold, even a chilled juice irrespective of it being vegetable or fruit juice could cease the gums to stop bleeding.

Floss teeth twice a day! – The plaque buildup on your teeth is another reason for having bleeding gums.  For this reason, it is recommended to floss your teeth regularly so that no plaque builds up on your teeth to cause this annoying bleeding gum problem

Salty water! – The best home remedy for bleeding gums is to rinse your mouth at least 3 times a day with a solution of lukewarm water and salt. A teaspoon of salt would be enough for a glass of lukewarm water.

Tooth brush for gums! –  Avoid using hard bristled tooth brushes on your teeth if you tend to have bleeding gums problem. It is recommended by doctors that a medium or a soft bristled toothbrush should be used on to the teeth always.

Avoid using mouthwashes! –  Another useful tip on how to stop bleeding gums is to avoid using the normal alcohol based mouthwashes that you use.  These mouthwashes have a tendency of aggravating the gum condition.

Avoid tobacco! –  Consuming tobacco is not good for bleeding gums.  The bleeding gums are quite a severe condition in itself, and if you have bleeding gums, you should essentially avoid having tobacco.  This would for sure aggravate the condition.

Beware of medications! – Some medicines which tend to make your mouth dry and give you bad breath tend to make your gums bleed too!

No to eating between meals! – It is said that eating between meals would discolor your teeth; it is also not recommended if you have a bleeding gum condition.

Visit the dentist! – If you are prone to having this bleeding gum problem, it is recommended that you get yourself medicated.  The best means is to consult the doctor/dentist in every six months.  The dentist would remove any probable plaque buildup in your mouth.  (The dentist could also instruct you with some instructions that you can follow right at home to get rid of your bleeding gum problem).

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