Toddler toothache- What is the Best way to treat a Toddler Toothache?

Toddlers suffer from toothaches because of teething or tooth decay. Eruption of primary tooth can also cause toothaches in babies. Toothache in toddlers can be caused by logged food particles in between the teeth. This can cause intense pain. A broken or cracked tooth can also cause toothaches in toddlers. Loose filling can further cause aching of the tooth.

Home remedies for toddlers can help them to ease their toothache. These natural home remedies have no side-effects as that of dental prescribed medicines or over-the-counter pain killers. They are safe and easy to do-it remedies.

Let us see what is the best way to treat a toddler toothache?

Vanilla extract for toddlers:

Take few drops (2 to 3) of pure vanilla extract on a clean finger and rub it on the aching tooth. It will give instant relief to toothache. You can also soak a cotton swab in a vanilla extract and place the soaked cotton on the affected tooth and gums for some time. This will give more soothing relief. Vanilla extract contains eugenol and is safe for babies. Toddlers will love it too because of its fruity smell and taste.

Vanilla milk cure:

Make vanilla milk by mixing pure vanilla extract, milk and sugar. This tasty drink is good in alleviating toothache in toddlers. Use few drops of vanilla in a glass of milk and add little sugar.

Cucumber and potato slices:

Cut few slices of cucumber or potato and refrigerate it. Take refrigerated cucumber or potato slice and place it on the affected toothache. The cold effect will help to numb the pain.

Lime for toothache:

Cut few slices of lime (lemon) and put it on the aching tooth for immediate pain relief. Lime which is rich source of vitamin C also helps in reducing bleeding gums and development of tooth cavities.

Pineapple juice:

Fresh pineapple juice or tinned one can be consumed everyday to eliminate tooth pain permanently. It is also effective in reducing toothache.

Diluted clove oil:

Clove oil should be diluted before using in toddlers. It is the best remedy for teething and molar toothaches in toddlers. Mix few drops of clove oil (2 to 3 drops) with olive oil (1/4 teaspoon) and dip a cotton ball in the oil mixture. Place soaked cotton on the aching tooth and gums and leave it for some time. Toddler can bite on the cotton ball gently to absorb the oil. It will give rapid pain relief.

Applying cold cloth:

Soak a damp cloth in cold water (refrigerated water) and place it outside the mouth on the toothache area. This can also give relief to toothache in toddlers.

Almond extract:

Dip a cotton ball in almond extract and put the soaked cotton on top of the affected tooth. It will alleviate the toothache rapidly.

Ice pack:

Place cold ice packs outside the cheek or mouth near to the affected tooth. The cold ice will numb the nerves and allay the pain instantly.

Plain water:

Warm plain water can be used to rinse a mouth. This can give relief to a toddler’s toothache. You can also mix a bit of salt to warm water. The saltwater will soothe the swollen and irritated gums and tooth ache as well.  In some cases, cold water does prove to be more effective than warm water.

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