What are the Different Bleeding Gum Causes?

The spongy and pink structures protecting your teeth are called gums. It plays a major role in keeping the jaw bone and the root away from infection. Ageing and certain other diseases are the common reasons behind weakening of gums. As a result, the teeth become elongated and highly sensitive, which result in bleeding. Some of the common bleeding gum causes are inflammation, infection and injury. Gingivitis is the medical term used to for an inflamed or infected gum. When people are suffering from this condition, they will find a red line over the gum line.

If an individual has a doubt that her or she is suffering from gum disease, then bleeding gum is a sign that should be inspected for. However, it is also necessary to be aware of the fact that some severe medical conditions like platelet disorders and leukemia could also be bleeding gum causes. No matter what is the reason behind the bleeding, the patients are strictly advised to follow some simple techniques to maintain the health of the gums. In fact, proper brushing is a good technique to maintain proper health of gum tissues. If a person fails to brush his teeth properly on a regular basis, it will result in inadequate removal of plaques, which is a major contributor for gum disease.

Consult your dentist on a regular basis in order to get the plaques removed. Failing to do so, the plaques start hardening and later transform into what is called tartar. Once the tartar is formed, you will start suffering from a severe form of jawbone and gum disease called ‘periodontitis’. There are also other bleeding gum causes like hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, scurvy, usage of blood thinners, deficiency of vitamin K etc.

Research carried out over bleeding gums has proven that the female population suffers more from this disorder than their male counterparts and it is quite common in adults compared to children. When it comes to children, improper brushing technique and injuries may be the reason why they suffer from bleeding gum. Whereas in adults, it is mainly because of different diseases or disorders they are suffering from. It is prudent to be aware of bleeding gum causes in order to keep your gum tissues safe and healthy.

Speaking about the diagnosing options available for the bleeding gums, oral examination is the most common method prescribed by the dentists. Blood analysis and X rays of teeth and jaws are other diagnosing options that a person can further go with. Nevertheless, nobody can ignore the fact that prevention is better than cure. Hence, people should be quite careful and monitor the health of their teeth as well as gums. Dentists advise to restrain from fast and hard brushing. Avoid junk foods and carbonated drinks. These habits will help keep gum disease or gum bleeding at bay.

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