What to do for a Tooth Knocked Out of Place?

Sometimes tooth can be completely broken or knocked out of place. Tooth can be fully knocked out due to some accidents, falls, biting on solid foods, fighting or trauma related to sports.

How can you save a tooth knocked out of place?

Complete knocked out tooth can be implanted sometimes. Implantation is possible mostly in adults and not in children. Whatever may be the cause of tooth knocked out one must try to save the broken or loosened teeth.

In case the tooth has been knocked out backwards or has been shifted from its permanent position but the tooth is still in the tooth socket then snap the tooth back to its original position. Immediately use a cold compress pressed against the tooth area. This will reduce swelling. Take an appointment to see a dentist that day itself.

In case the tooth knocked out of place is in children, clean the mouth with water gently and apply cold ice compress on the outside cheek surface to decrease swelling. Take dentist appointments as soon as possible to check out the injury.

If you are unable to snap the tooth back to its position then save it carefully. Do not touch the root of the tooth. To protect the tooth, keep it in moist condition by immersing it in saline solution or milk. This will protect the sensitive cells in the tooth. But never wash or rub the tooth.

Step by step procedure one must do in case of tooth knocked out of place-

1.      Collect the tooth or tooth fragments-

One must handle knocked out tooth very carefully because any damage to the broken tooth can prevent implantation of the tooth. Never touch the tooth root, collect it by touching the top part or crown of the tooth. Even slight touching can damage cells in the tooth. Clean the tooth with water not with alcohol if necessary to remove the dirt but do not rub or scrub the tooth.

2.      Re-insert the tooth or store it-

Immediately rinse the mouth with lukewarm water. Try to snap the tooth back to its position or reinsert it into the socket if possible. In case tooth cannot be inserted back, store it in a milk or saline liquid to keep it in moist condition. One can put it in between the gum and cheek to keep away from drying.

3.      Treat the injury

If bleeding occurs, control it by inserting cloth or sterile gauze. Immediately apply cold ice compress or apply cold wet cloth against the pain area. This will help in reducing swelling. If the pain is severe, take some pain killers such as acetaminophen.

4.      See dentist immediately-

Tooth knocked out of place will need urgent medical care. One can go to an emergency room as soon as possible to save the tooth. If the tooth is broken into small fragments, carry it with you when you go to see a doctor.

What should you do if child has knocked out tooth?

If the tooth has been knocked out in children while playing, allow your child to suck on a frozen pop. This can reduce swelling. Apply piece of gauze with pressure for some minutes in case of bleeding gums. Take your child as soon as possible to see a dentist.

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