Do you have a toothache after root canal procedure? Read on to know more about it!

Root canal is done by a dentist to save an affected tooth.  What a dentist in lay mans language does is, he/ she would just repair the teeth and would not extract the same. Many people are weary of performing a root canal procedure thinking about the pain he/she would have to endure after the root canal. With this mental make- up they opt for extracting the teeth itself than performing a root canal. Let us do away with this mental make-up. It is most unlikely that you would get toothache after root canal procedure. However if you get one, the remedies suggested in this article could be opted for treating it.

The decayed tissues when cleaned by the dentist are pushed to the core in a root canal procedure. The possibilities of a toothache after root canal procedure are as follows:

  • Deep decay inside the tissues!
  • Ligament attaching the tooth or bone could have been affected!
  • The infection might have spread its roots!
  • Improper cleaning done by the dentist!
  • Hyper occlusion!

All the above mentioned factors could be the reason you are having a toothache after root canal procedure.  Normally if the teeth is cleaned properly by the dentist you would not generally have a toothache at all.  But in case you get a toothache, it is advised that you go and get the affected tooth checked by the dentist at the earliest to avoid any major complications.  The following measures could be opted if the pain that you have got is minor – in consultation with the dentist:

Lessen the high filling – It is a possibility that you teeth would have been filled more that what it is required at the place, the dentist would remove some filling which is not required and would make clenching of the teeth possible.

Medication – The following two types of medications could be prescribed by the dentist to lessen the pain.

  • The dentist may provide you with some medications which are anti inflammatory in nature. It probably may be because of the inflammation that you would have the urge to hit the tooth hard which might be the reason for the toothache after root canal procedure.
  • The infection that you had might have spread out to the bones, for this the dentist may put you on a medication of antibiotics after you have had the root canal treatment.

Precautions that could be taken to do away with the possibilities of having a toothache after root canal procedure:

Do not hit or chew hard from the tooth that has been treated with a root canal – Chewing from the affected tooth may adversely affect the filling of the root canal that your dentist has just filled.  All the work done on the teeth may go in vain.  Therefore strictly avoid chewing from the affected area.

Ask your dentist to numb the area completely before he/she starts the treatment. If the area is not numbed properly it may give you pain eventually.  If the pain persists, the end solution is to extract the teeth itself.

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