How Bad Does it Hurt to Get a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is endodontic procedures wherein the root pulp tissues are removed along with the infection. In root canal procedure, one is injected with a local anesthesia to numb the tooth as well as the surrounding tooth areas. Some may be given a laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for increasing the comfort. However, few shots of local anesthesia are well enough to numb the pain.

One may feel a pinch of slight pain while injecting anesthesia straight inside the tooth and it’s only for a minute. Dentist will repeat few shots to numb the tooth when the anesthesia will run out after sometime. So, there is nothing to about pain. A good dentist will froze you properly making you comfortable.

One may ask how bad it hurts to get a root canal done. Well, the actual procedure is painless and you will feel no pain at all during the process. Yes, the instruments that are being used to replace the real root (such as drilling instruments) may be irritating a bit. But the actual cleansing and filling process is pain free.

Here’s a Video Demonstration of Root Canal Treatment

How bad does it hurt to get a root canal?

As mentioned earlier, one would felt nothing during the process. However, some individuals may experience mild or even throbbing pain several days after the treatment. The treatment process is painless but the recovery and healing process may be associated with some pain. One may feel some soreness and pressure in the gums after root canal. But this can be treated with prescription or over the counter pain killers.

One may experience pain after root canal not because of the drilling or cleaning but because of constant widening of the mouth for long hours. Keeping the mouth open for long time can hurt the mouth after wards. Some patients may even develop sores in the mouth.

However, once the effect of anesthesia runs out one may start feeling some pain and sensitivity. Numbness in the mouth may remain for few hours and this can cause problem while speaking or eating.

Why and how bad does it hurt to get a root canal?

Root canal treatment involves drilling of the tooth and digging out of the living nerve tissues. If there are some living nerve tissues left in the root canal then some pain can occur. However, if the infection that lead to root canal treatment has completely reach the nerve tissues and there is no living tissues remaining then you won’t feel any pain as there are no nerves to pass on the pain message to the brain. Drilling may be annoying and can exert pressure. Once the cleaning is done dentist will fill the empty gaps with an inert material (gutta percha) and this can produce slight dull and steady pain. One may feel little achy during fitting the crown too. But this pain will settle in a few hours. So, the best way to manage the fear of getting hurt during root canal is to ask your dentist to give some antibiotics or pain relievers before the treatment process.

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