How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

If you don’t want the dent in your tooth to cause a dent in your wallet then consider the statement how much does a root canal cost before you sit down for the treatment.  Let’s look into some of the factors that affect the cost of a root canal treatment before we move into the cost figures.

  • Affected tooth position and its location: Generally the front teeth cost less as they can be easily accessed whereas in case of the molars which are positioned inside it is harder to reach and hence charges are higher.
  • No. of root canals: More the no. of roots the more will be the no. of root canals and this further means more the cost.
  • Root specifications:  The root curvatures and length of the root impact the cost of the procedure proportionately.
  • Who’s performing the treatment:  Generally dentists are equipped to perform a root canal treatment. But in case of complications your dentist may suggest the treatment be performed by an endodontist (refers to a person who specializes in the study of the human dental pulp and primarily performs root canal treatments only). So if the treatment involves the services of an endodontist the fee charged will be comparatively higher than what your regular dentist’s charges. But the extra skill an endodontist possess may be worth your extra bucks.
  • Cost of technology involved: If your dentist is using the state-of- art technology for the treatment procedure then it is obvious that his initial investment in the equipment and knowledge attained will be recovered from the fee charged to patients.
  • Your location: Prices charged by dentists for the root canal procedure vary in different countries. Even if you consider within the country it differs between small towns and metropolitan cities.
  • Type of restoration:  Though very rarely a root canal may end with a simple filling as a restoration it costs less compared to placement of a crown.
  • Root canal treatment result: If your root canal treatment ended successfully then you’re safe. In case it failed you may require a re-treatment. Re-treatment is more in terms of cost and the effort involved. With a re-treatment you will end up paying more adding to your previous root canal cost.

Now here are the figures you may be intensely searching for:

If you’re living in the US then a root canal treatment for your

  • front tooth ( like the incisor) will cost you in the range of $300 – $750
  • back tooth ( like the molars) will cost you somewhere between $ 500 – $1000

Generally the cost of restoration is included in the overall cost of the root canal treatment.

To conclude some dentists’ have more or less fixed charges for a root canal treatment but some may find it inconvenient to pre determine the cost and hence charge you depending on the time spent by you in the chair.

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