Root Canal Complications

Root canal is a dental treatment for saving and repairing a tooth, which is highly infected or decayed. Root canal complications are those difficulties that an individual has to face during and after undergoing root canal treatment. The patients should be aware of these complications before getting ready for the treatment. The pulp and the nerve will be removed as an early procedure of root canal. Later, the inside part of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed. If you fail to undergo this treatment when necessary, the tissues enclosing your teeth will suffer infections, which will contribute to the formation of abscesses. The cavity that you find at the center of two consecutive teeth is called root canal. The soft area surrounding this canal is the pulp chamber or pulp.

It is obvious that you will go through vertigo or nausea after taking local anesthesia. There are some other serious root canal complications as follows.

  • The frequently occurring complication here is that not all root canals will be properly filled. Sometimes, the fillings may not reach the roots of the canals due to manifold witnessed in the tooth.
  • The canals will be severely curved, which will make the dentists to face some difficulties to properly reach the canals.
  • Even the inexperienced practitioners may contribute for further root canal complications.
  • Those patients using dental crowns will have to face extra risk, as the dental crowns may get perforated during treatment procedures. In some cases, even the canal could be perforated.
  • Overfilling may also occur, which will in turn give rise to inflammations and pain. The extra material used as filling will not removed until you witness inflammation or pain. X-ray images can be used to detect inflammation caused by over filling.
  • It is important to make sure that there is no extra material deposited near the maxillary sinus and mandibular nerve.
  • Many patients have even suffered discoloration of teeth after undergoing root canal treatments. The reason behind the discoloration is said to be the iron in the blood, which is broken down by the bacteria.
  • Bone damage and cyst formation can be caused by root canal. Since it is difficult to make out the location of bacteria, the cyst will take a few years to disappear.

What Should You Do While Facing Root Canal Complications?

In some cases, the patients will witness pain for a week or two. On the other hand, there are also patients who have been gone through the pain for months. If you witness pain for more than two weeks, then you need to consult the dentist. Root canal failure is why many people suffer with persisting pain. Swelling is also another common complication. Faulty procedures during canal therapy may result in non-regressing swelling. In this case, there is also possibility of suffering re-infection. Hence, the reason for swelling must be diagnosed and treatment procedures must be undertaken accordingly. However, it is necessary for the patients to be persistently in touch with the dentist to overcome root canal complications.

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