Understanding the procedure – Pain after root canal

You may curse your dentist if you still have pain after spending time and energy as well as money on to getting a root canal therapy done. Let us understand the concept a bit further in this regard in this section.

What is a root canal?

The area at the root of a tooth is termed as a root canal.  If cavity remains untreated, it causes an infection and this could result into you undertaking a root canal treatment!  A pulp of infection is formed inside of the root of an infected tooth.  Root canal is actually a treatment by which a tooth can be saved. The infected cavity is removed by undertaking the root canal treatment, which does not affect the tooth.

It is important to take the treatment for root canal as a pulp comprises of some connective tissues, nerves and some blood vessels essential for the teeth or tooth to survive.

Does it pain after a root canal?

Yearly it is said that about 24 million teeth are saved by doing the root canal treatment in the United States itself.  Having a root canal treatment done is quite normal these days.

Growing bacteria – It is at times seen that while taking the root canal therapy, the root canal is spread open combined with the amount of oxygen accessible in the atmosphere; the bacteria might get aggravated and eventually might develop into another infection, resulting into pain and inflammation.

Blood vessels channel – At times bacterium is hard-pressed through a hole which is underneath a root, while conducting the root canal therapy.  It may take a toll on to the enclosed tissues as well. This could cause unbearable pain at the inflamed areas.

Treatment:   painkillers and antibiotics

Tooth puncture – The root canal may be curved or may turn out to be untraceable. Proper cleaning of the cavity is essential.  In this condition, dentists would use some tools to locate and dig into your root canal.  It probably could be traced out by piercing a side of an infected tooth to clean the infected area.  If there is a possibility of the saliva to penetrate into the pierced hole, it is essential for the dentist to fill it.   Even after cleaning, at times it is a possibility that the curved areas could be left untreated. The tooth resultantly would remain infected.  In this scenario, the dentists would again be required to do this therapy.

Pain after the root canal –

Root canal is therapy is conducted to generally to relive you from the pain that may be troubling you and not to give you any pain. It is said that, when a root canal treatment is carried out properly as it should be done, some amount of pain in the teeth would always be there.  The pain may occur due to the tissues that were pushed to the core during the procedure.  While the other form of pain is that which is attached on to the teeth bone. An infection usually spreads and has no said boundaries.  The pain after root canal therapy could be caused due to the some infected bone which would around the end of your tooth.

The simple theory of root canal explained by the dentists is, the longer you let the infection penetrate, the longer it would take to heal and eradicate the same.  Therefore never delay a treatment visit your dentist at the earliest.

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